The Ultimate Multifunction Tools Quiz
by Staff
The multifunction tool is a handyman's dream, with a number of essential tools enclosed in one small convenient unit. Check out our quiz to learn more about these fascinatingly versatile implements.

Who invented the first multifunction tool and when?

  • Black & Decker, 1932
  • Karl Elsener, 1891
  • Tim Leatherman, 1972

Why was it called the Swiss Army Knife?

  • Elsener gave the patent to the Swiss Army.
  • The original name was too short for such a versatile tool.
  • This name was given because the Swiss name could not be pronounced by American soldiers.

What was the next major multifunction tool?

  • Leatherman
  • American Multitool
  • Australian Fisherman's Friend

How did this tool get its name?

  • It was developed for use in the leather industry.
  • It comes with a leather case.
  • Leatherman invented it.

Other than wanting to make money, why did Leatherman invent his multifunction tool?

  • He wanted something more suited to handymen.
  • He had to justify a research grant.
  • The Swiss Army stopped making knives.

What was the major innovation?

  • didn't use a red cover
  • addition of pliers
  • tools were drop-forged

What is the official name of the Swiss Army knife's manufacturer?

  • Offiziermesser Ltd
  • Swiss Multifunction Tools
  • Victorinox Swiss Army

What are the two basic styles of multifunction tools?

  • pocket and belt versions
  • Swiss Army and Leatherman
  • steel and ceramic

Who owns the company that makes the Swiss Army knife?

  • Swiss Army
  • American Tools Inc.
  • Elsener family

How was the Leatherman received at first?

  • Very few units were sold at first until television ads boosted sales
  • First year mail order sales brought in a surprising 30,000 orders.
  • Not too well at first, until they were given as prizes at country fairs.

Although the Swiss Army knife has been to the North Pole, Mount Everest and on a space shuttle, where can you absolutely not take your faithful companion?

  • magnet factory
  • the Leatherman factory
  • airport security

What is the major purpose of the Rescue Tool?

  • rescue trapped animals
  • escape from a disabled car
  • open jammed elevator doors

What does the Rescue Tool offer for dealing with shatterproof glass?

  • large one-handed blade
  • wire stripper
  • disk saw

And just what do you think a Swiss Flash is?

  • removable miniature camera and flash
  • extremely flat pocket knife
  • pocket knife with a flash drive

If you were given a Giant Knife, made by Wenger, what would you have received?

  • the ultimate multifunction tool
  • a sophisticated tool designed for fishermen
  • a multifunction with a wide selection of blades

In the category of tools, just what is a Squirt?

  • pocket knife with a tear gas container
  • keychain sized multifunction tool
  • self-lubricating glass cutter

What are the main implements of the Freestyle CX?

  • laser pointer, pliers and scissors
  • flash drive and a serrated-edge knife
  • pliers, wire cutters and a knife

Has Hollywood shown any interest in multifunction tools?

  • Not at all, movie heroes always seem to use hunting knives.
  • Television and movie heroes have used multifunction tools effectively.
  • Swiss Army regulations forbid the use of their products for entertainment.

In a military context, is there a difference between a black oxide and a stainless steel finish of multifunction tools?

  • Stainless steel matches other standard military tools.
  • Black oxide tends to impede performance of the tool.
  • Black oxide does not reflect light.

A Turtle 8 is on sale at the local store. What are you looking at?

  • a multi-tool that looks like a turtle
  • a multi-tool designed for fishermen
  • a multi-tool for aquarium repair