The Ultimate Must Haves for a Home Office Quiz
by Staff
If you work from home, it's time you thought about setting up a proper workspace. Check out our quiz and learn all about the five things you must have for your home office.

According to a 2007 survey, what percent of U.S. companies offer some type of telecommuting program?

  • 16 percent
  • 36 percent
  • 56 percent

Which advances in telecommunication allow the modern worker to work from home?

  • e-mail
  • teleconference
  • both of the above

If you don't have a separate room for your workspace, how can you set it apart?

  • with a picture
  • with a privacy screen
  • with a shelf

What is the key to making the most out of your home office space?

  • organization
  • a coffee machine
  • a fax machine

Which United States federal agency can help you protect your identity in case of identity theft?

  • the Federal Identity Commission
  • the Federal Protection Commission
  • the Federal Trade Commission

What's the best step you can take to protect your documents from theft?

  • Use a shredder.
  • Get a good lock on the door.
  • Hide them in a locked file cabinet.

The average office worker uses about _____ sheets of paper a year.

  • 1000
  • 10000
  • 20000

What are some of the consequences of not using a good office desk chair?

  • stiffness
  • loss of concentration
  • both of the above

Which type of desk chair offers the best possible design to reduce fatigue and discomfort while working at your desk?

  • high-backed
  • leather
  • ergonomic

How high should a comfortable desk chair seat be?

  • 14 to 19 inches (35.56 to 48.26 centimeters)
  • 16 to 21 inches (40.64 to 53.34 centimeters)
  • 18 to 23 inches (45.72 to 58.42 centimeters)

What type of support should a desk chair offer your back?

  • lumbar
  • limber
  • lumber

Which type of printer is inexpensive to buy, but expensive to use?

  • inkjet
  • laser
  • all-in-one

What are the capabilities of an all-in-one printer?

  • printing
  • scanning
  • both of the above

Who is considered to be the inventor of the computer?

  • Charles Babbage
  • Charles Cabbage
  • Charles Luggage

Which computer tool allows us to create and monitor information?

  • hardware
  • software
  • USB port