Name That Horror Movie
by Staff
If you prefer to spend your weekend hanging out with ghosts and zombies, demons and psychos, vampires and other nameless horrors, this is the quiz for you. See if you can name the horror movie based only on the plot description.

A troubled teen is shunned by her peers and tormented by her religious zealot mother. Everything seems to be going well until a cruel prank and some violent telekinetic powers make for an unforgettable prom night.

  • "Monkey Shines"
  • "Deadly Friend"
  • "Carrie"

A masked killer is picking off teens one by one. But these teens grew up watching horror movies, so they know all the tropes and clichés and use them to predict the killer's next move. Not that it helps them much.

  • "Scream"
  • "Last House on the Left"
  • "Silent Night, Deadly Night"

Newlyweds move into an apartment, where the pregnant wife is tormented by terrifying dreams. She soon learns everyone in her life is part of a Satanic cult manipulating her and her unborn child.

  • "The Exorcist"
  • "The Omen"
  • "Rosemary's Baby"

A rogue great white shark is devouring swimmers, but the mayor won’t close the beach because it's tourist season. Now it's up to the police chief, a scientist and a grizzled shark hunter to end the shark's reign of terror.

  • "Sharknado"
  • "Jaws"
  • "It Came from Beneath the Sea"

A young woman enrolls at a dance academy, but is plagued by bizarre events and disappearances. Events spiral out of control when she discovers the school is run by a coven of witches.

  • "Night of the Demon"
  • "I Spit on Your Grave"
  • "Suspiria"

A family moves into a nice suburban house, but inexplicable events culminate in their young daughter vanishing, her voice calling out from the TV. They discover the house was built on a cemetery and flee to a hotel.

  • "House"
  • "Poltergeist"
  • "Hell House"

A writer brings his family to a hotel in the mountains, where they will be the caretakers and sole occupants for the winter. Forces inside the hotel and the writer's mind gradually drive him insane, and he assaults his wife and son with an axe.

  • "The Shining"
  • "The Dark Half"
  • "The Ninth Gate"

A man summons other-dimensional creatures by solving a puzzle box. They kill him, but his former lover commits several murders so the victims' blood can bring the man back to life. The man's niece battles him and the creatures, which are called Cenobites.

  • "Nightbreed"
  • "Hellraiser"
  • "Blade"

A serial killer is kidnapping and killing young women, and the only way to catch him is with the help of another serial killer, one known for eating human flesh and currently in prison. He helps the FBI find the other killer but also manipulates them and escapes custody.

  • "House of Wax"
  • "The Silence of the Lambs"
  • "Psycho"

A group of strangers is trapped in a farmhouse when the dead inexplicably come back to life and start eating people. All of their escape attempts end disastrously, and in the morning the lone survivor is shot by rescuers.

  • "I Walked with a Zombie"
  • "White Zombie"
  • "Night of the Living Dead"

A child-molesting serial killer is burned to death by angry parents. He later returns to torment and murder their children in their dreams, often using a custom-made glove fitted with deadly blades.

  • "Dreamcatcher"
  • "Friday the 13th"
  • "A Nightmare on Elm Street"

A group of friends traveling in a van runs afoul of a degenerate family, including the son, who wears a mask made of human skin and attacks victims with a chainsaw.

  • "Deliverance"
  • "The Stepfather"
  • "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"

An Antarctic research station is infiltrated by an alien creature that infects human hosts, perfectly imitating them until it transforms into a horrifying monster. The men at the station are consumed with paranoia as they're killed off by the monster.

  • "The Stuff"
  • "X the Unknown"
  • "The Thing"

A young man suspects that his new next-door-neighbor is a vampire. He recruits a local TV personality known for hosting late-night horror films to help eradicate the undead threat.

  • "Suburbia"
  • "Transylvania 6-5000"
  • "Fright Night"

A child murders his sister and is placed in a mental hospital. Fifteen years later, he escapes and returns to his hometown to terrorize and murder people on October 31 while wearing a creepy white mask.

  • "Frenzy"
  • "Halloween"
  • "Maniac"

A man murders women, removing certain body parts to be placed in a cauldron of blood that will be served at a birthday party. This gruesome ritual will bring about the resurrection of the goddess Ishtar.

  • "The Fearless Vampire Killers"
  • "Tales from the Dark Side"
  • "Blood Feast"

A priest is brought in to help a young girl who is apparently possessed by a demon. The demon's actions are so foul and pernicious, including contorting the girl's body and carving words in her flesh, that the priest begins to question his faith.

  • "Phantasm"
  • "The Exorcist"
  • "Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things"

A group of figurines (including Blade, Jester, Pinhead and Leech Woman) animated by an Egyptian spell terrorize and murder a group of people who are seeking the secrets of immortality.

  • "Child's Play"
  • "Puppet Master"
  • "Dolls"

The grotesque Count Orloff turns out to be a vampire who emerges from his coffin, a bizarre, misshapen beast that drains blood and exerts mental control over his victims.

  • "Nosferatu"
  • "Blackula"
  • "Horror of Dracula"

An investigator visits an island in the Hebrides where a girl has gone missing. The islanders claim she never existed and shock the man with their libertine ways. He finds the girl is still alive and to be sacrificed, but the islanders sacrifice the man instead, burning him alive in an effigy made of reeds and grass.

  • "The Wicker Man"
  • "And Now the Screaming Starts!"
  • "Carnival of Souls"

The crew of the spaceship Nostromo investigates a distress call. They accidentally bring a deadly creature onto their ship. Part of its gestation involves growing inside a host, then bursting out of the host, killing it. The mature form of the creature hunts and kills most of the crew.

  • "Predator"
  • "Enemy Mine"
  • "Alien"

Only a few humans are left after Earth has been taken over by zombies. The humans gather in an abandoned shopping mall where they try to stay alive and fend off hordes of walking dead and murderous biker gangs.

  • "Dawn of the Dead"
  • "Dead Snow"
  • "Shocker"

A monster survives an attempt by villagers to destroy him. He eventually encounters a scientist who wishes to create a mate for the monster. When the mate comes to life, she rejects the monster, driving him into a murderous frenzy.

  • "The Monster Squad"
  • "House of Dracula"
  • "Bride of Frankenstein"

A writer moves into a home where a family was previously murdered. He finds a box of film footage that depicts the brutal murders of several families. Showing the films summons a demon named Bughuul.

  • "Exorcismus"
  • "Insidious"
  • "Sinister"

A disfigured man, his face disguised by a prosthetic replica, exacts revenge on those he believes are responsible for his wife's death, murdering them with elaborate schemes based on the 10 Biblical plagues.

  • "Crucible of Terror"
  • "The Abominable Dr. Phibes"
  • "I, Monster"

A woman hosts a party on an island for her friends, but they're killed off one-by-one with deadly pranks. The killer is revealed to be the woman's evil twin. But then it turns out everyone is fine and it was all a rehearsal for turning the island into a horror-themed bed-and-breakfast.

  • "April Fool's Day"
  • "Valentine"
  • "The Sorority House Massacre"

A family moves into a home in which the prior family was murdered. Supernatural events in the house (mysterious flies, a weird room in the basement, demonic eyes) drive away a priest and drastically change the personality of the husband, who wakes up every night at 3:15 a.m. The family eventually flees.

  • "13 Ghosts"
  • "The Amityville Horror"
  • "The House on Haunted Hill"

An undead killer wearing a hockey mask rides a boat to New York City, where he continues murdering people in creative ways.

  • "Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland"
  • "Halloween H20: 20 Years Later"
  • "Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan"

A sinister corporation is selling Halloween masks to children that will kill them when they see a particular TV commercial on Halloween night. The mass death will complete an occult ritual. A cop and a woman investigate the company, encountering a litany of horrors along the way.

  • "Halloween III: Season of the Witch"
  • "Witchfinder General"
  • "The Blair Witch Project"

A reporter, whose wife recently died, finds himself drawn to a town in West Virginia. He and the other residents encounter a strange black creature, and he receives phone calls from someone named Indrid Cold that predict a tragedy. The bridge over the Ohio River collapses, killing 36 people.

  • "The Legend of Boggy Creek"
  • "The Mothman Prophecies"
  • "Stir of Echoes"