by Staff
The word "NASCAR" conjures up images of brightly colored cars whizzing around a track, a beloved weekend sport for millions of Americans. But behind the star drivers are racing teams run like corporations, multimillion sponsorship deals and

How much did U.S. corporations spend on auto racing sponsorships in 2006?

  • about $500 million
  • about $3 billion
  • about $6 billion

Where is NASCAR based?

  • Atlanta, Ga.
  • Talladega, Ala.
  • Daytona Beach, Fla.

Trucks that race in the Craftsman Truck Series weigh _____ less than factory model pickups.

  • 100 pounds
  • 400 pounds
  • 1,000 pounds

An engine from a Nextel Cup Series car generates:

  • about 800 horsepower
  • about 2,000 horsepower
  • about 5,000 horsepower

NASCAR tires are different from a regular car's tires because they:

  • are coated with a special kind of plastic that makes them more durable at high speeds
  • are wider and don't have any treads
  • are about twice as thick

The owner of a racing team:

  • is like the president of a corporation, makes the hiring decisions and has total control of the operation
  • oversees the activities related to building and tweaking the car the week before the race
  • oversees day-to-day administrative duties

Which of the following happens to NASCAR drivers as a result of temperatures inside their cars reaching 120 degrees Fahrenheit?

  • They often drink up to 6 gallons of water during a race.
  • Their helmets are outfitted with special cooling devices that allow them to ignore the heat.
  • They can sweat out 3 to 4 pounds of water during a race.

On a typical Wednesday of race week:

  • Everyone on the racing team has the day off to prepare for the upcoming weekend.
  • Teams are testing their cars at tracks where upcoming races will be held.
  • Most members of a racing team are flying to the location of the next weekend's race.

Waving the green flag during a race signifies:

  • that the race has begun
  • that the race is over
  • that there has been a wreck on the track and there will be at least one caution lap

A driver's spotter:

  • is the crew chief's assistant who oversees any pit stop during the race
  • is the first medical staff on the scene if a driver has a wreck
  • sits in the press box and communicates with the driver about everything he can't see on the track