The 'NCIS' Quiz
by Staff
Test yourself with this "NCIS" quiz, but remember Gibbs' Rule No. 51: "Sometimes you're wrong."

When did the television series "NCIS" premiere?

  • 2003
  • 2005
  • 2007

What does the acronym NCIS stand for?

  • National Criminal Intelligence Service
  • Navy Crime Investigation Service
  • Naval Criminal Investigative Service

"NCIS" is a spinoff of which television series?

  • "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation"
  • "JAG"
  • "Criminal Minds"

Agent Gibbs is the leader of the "NCIS" team. What is the character's full name?

  • Lee James
  • Luke John
  • Leroy Jethro

Actress Pauley Perrette has a degree in criminology.

  • true
  • false

In the series "NCIS," what is Agent McGee's nickname?

  • "Newbie"
  • "Probie"
  • "Rookie"

In the series "NCIS," what team does character Agent Gibbs lead?

  • MCRT
  • MRU
  • CRT

What rank did Agent Gibbs hold in the Marines before joining NCIS?

  • Master Sergeant
  • Sergeant Major
  • Gunnery Sergeant

Which television network airs the series "NCIS?"

  • CBS
  • NBC
  • ABC

What agency did "NCIS" character Caitlin Todd work for before joining the team in season 1?

  • DEA
  • Secret Service
  • FBI

Veteran actor Ralph Waite plays the father of which "NCIS" character?

  • Officer David
  • Agent DiNozzo
  • Agent Gibbs

Which "NCIS" character graduated from M.I.T.?

  • Abby Sciuto
  • Tim McGee
  • Tony DiNozzo

In the "NCIS" season 3 episode "Under Covers," characters Tony and Ziva go undercover as what?

  • married assassins
  • drug dealers
  • arms dealers

Which season does actress Lauren Holly join the "NCIS" cast as the new director of the agency?

  • season 2
  • season 3
  • season 4

A young Jethro Gibbs character is played by Mark Harmon's son.

  • true
  • false

Which police department did "NCIS" character Tony DiNozzo once work for?

  • New York City
  • Philadelphia
  • Baltimore

What is the native language of the "NCIS" character Ziva David?

  • Hebrew
  • Arabic
  • Farsi

What is the nickname of the character Dr. Donald Mallard?

  • "Doc"
  • "Ducky"
  • "Donnie"

Which "NCIS" character dies in the season 2 finale?

  • Caitlin Todd
  • Ari Haswari
  • Shannon Gibbs

In season 3, Officer Ziva David is from which intelligence agency?

  • CIA
  • MI6
  • The Mossad

Who is the only left-handed "NCIS" character?

  • Tony DiNozzo
  • Tim McGee
  • Ziva David

Which "NCIS" actor played the character Illya Kuryakin in the 1960s television series "The Man from U.N.C.L.E.?"

  • David McCallum
  • Joe Spano
  • Mark Harmon

Which medical drama did "NCIS" actors Rocky Carroll, Lauren Holly and Mark Harmon appear in?

  • "Grey's Anatomy"
  • "ER"
  • "Chicago Hope"

Throughout the series, what is Jethro Gibbs building in his basement?

  • A boat
  • A table
  • A rocking chair

What city is the setting for the series "NCIS?"

  • New York City
  • Washington D.C.
  • Boston

Which "NCIS" star was in a punk band named "Lo-Ball?"

  • Sean Murray
  • Michael Weatherly
  • Pauley Perrette

How many spinoff television shows have been created by the series "NCIS?"

  • one
  • two
  • three

Which "NCIS" spinoff aired first?

  • "NCIS: New Orleans"
  • "NCIS: Los Angeles"

"NCIS" series creator Donald Bellisario served in the Marine Corps.

  • TRUE

Which "NCIS: New Orleans" star worked with series creator Donald Bellisario on the series "Quantum Leap?"

  • Daryl Mitchell
  • CCH Pounder
  • Scott Bakula