The Ultimate Nevada Family Vacations Quiz
by Staff
Nevada combines outdoor adventure with the amazing experience of Las Vegas. Your family can hike, mountain climb, ski or take a canoe trip by day and enjoy fine dining and entertainment by night. There are lots of attractions just for kids. Take our quiz and find out more about the incredible state of Nevada.

Hoover Dam in Nevada was built from more than 60 million tons of :

  • concrete
  • stone
  • steel

Whitewater Park and Kayak Slalom Racing Course cut through which Nevada city also known for gambling?

  • Paradise
  • Henderson
  • Reno

Which family-oriented resort in Las Vegas, Nevada was inspired by castles in Europe?

  • Treasure Island Resort
  • the Excalibur Hotel
  • Circus Hotel

Which Las Vegas hotel offers pirate adventure?

  • Treasure Island Resort
  • the Excalibur Hotel
  • Circus Hotel

Star Trek: The Experience is:

  • a movie
  • a ride
  • both of the above

_____ is the Cirque du Soleil performance considered by many to be the best show in town.

  • Mystre
  • Mystery
  • Mister

Which Las Vegas tower reaches some 1,150 feet (350.5 meters) above The Strip?

  • the Hemisphere Tower
  • the Stratosphere Tower
  • the Hypersphere Tower

Which Las Vegas attractions are great for animal lovers?

  • the Dolphin Habitat
  • the Wildlife Walk
  • both of the above

Which Nevada lake is named for its rock formation?

  • Big Rock Lake
  • Pyramid Lake
  • Mountain Lake

Which type of fish, fished from the waters of Lake Pyramid, holds a world record?

  • trout
  • bass
  • salmon