The Ultimate New England Leaf Peeping Locales Quiz
by Staff
When the leaves change color, it's time to jump into your car and take a tour of the New England states. These quiet, picturesque states offer everything from fine cuisine to scenic views. Take this quiz to learn more about the beauty of the New England states.

When is it a good time to go on a leaf hunt in New England?

  • September
  • October
  • November

What will you pass along route 100 in Vermont?

  • general stores
  • antique stores
  • both of the above

Where can you find a covered bridge in Vermont?

  • along route 100
  • close to the intersection of route 100 and 17
  • along route 17

Route 100 extends from:

  • the Vermont southern border to Canada
  • Massachusetts to Canada
  • Massachusetts to route 17

Where is Robert Frosts' grave?

  • along route 17 in Vermont
  • along route 100 in Vermont
  • along route 67 in Vermont

Where is the Trapp Family Lodge?

  • in Old Bennington
  • in Stowe
  • in Montpelier

Route 12A in New Hampshire is known for:

  • covered bridges
  • old barns
  • both of the above

The Cornish-Windsor covered bridge is:

  • the oldest covered bridge in the United States
  • the longest two-span covered bridge in the United States
  • the widest two-span covered bridge in North America

What can you see at the top of Mount Kearsarge?

  • Boston
  • New York
  • Montreal

How high above sea level does the Kancamagus Scenic Highway go?

  • 1,000 feet
  • 3,000 feet
  • 5,000 feet

What highway runs through the White Mountains?

  • Route 100
  • Route 112
  • Route 17

Where is the Acadia National Park Loop Road located?

  • New Hampshire
  • Maine
  • Connecticut

You'll find ___________ along Route 1 in Maine.

  • historic towns
  • Native American villages
  • both of the above

Route 1 in Maine leads to:

  • White Mountain
  • Acadia National Park Loop Road
  • the Atlantic Ocean

The Glocester Loop is full of:

  • mountains
  • trees
  • apple orchards

Route 169 in Connecticut is great for:

  • outdoors enthusiast
  • history buffs
  • children

What was the Friendship Valley Inn?

  • part of the underground railroad
  • a settler Church
  • a military post during the civil war

Besides historical sites, what else can you find along Route 169?

  • an apple orchard
  • a winery
  • both of the above

What can you find along the King's Highway?

  • apple orchards
  • antique shops
  • both of the above

What culinary cuisine can you enjoy along the King's Highway?

  • French food
  • seafood
  • Italian food