Travel the World: New York City
by Staff
So, you think you know the Big Apple, the Empire City, Gotham, the City That Never Sleeps? Take our quiz and find out if you're on the level of a native, a mere "bridge-and-tunneler," or a tourist from Cleveland.

Roosevelt Island?

  • in the Hudson River, between Manhattan and New Jersey
  • in the East River between Manhattan and Queens
  • in New York Harbor, near the Statue of Liberty

The Strand?

  • the main drag in Astoria, Queens, known for its variety of ethnic restaurants
  • a park on the Hudson River, on the Upper West Side
  • a huge bookstore near Union Square

Hell's Kitchen?

  • a neighborhood on the west side of Midtown Manhattan
  • a housing project in the South Bronx
  • Anthony Bourdain's new restaurant in Soho

The Meatpacking District?

  • the area in Queens that supplies 80 percent of the meat for the city's restaurants
  • a former hub for slaughterhouses in Manhattan that is now home to hip shops and clubs
  • a neighborhood in Brooklyn populated in the late 1800s by beef-industry workers

Alphabet City?

  • a neighborhood east of the East Village that has lettered avenues instead of numbered ones
  • the largest nursery school in Manhattan
  • a huge play center for kids in the Chelsea Piers development on the Hudson River


  • the district in lower Manhattan that holds the city's government offices
  • an area of Queens that was first settled by former inhabitants of Williamsburg, Va.
  • a neighborhood in Brooklyn that was once seedy but is now filled with artists and hipsters

The Whispering Gallery?

  • a domed passageway in the basement of Grand Central Station
  • an art gallery in Chelsea where no talking is allowed
  • a bar in the East Village run by monks

The Cloisters?

  • a bar in the East Village run by monks
  • a former convent in Harlem that now holds a nightclub
  • a medieval art museum at the very northern tip of Manhattan

The High Line?

  • the fastest route from JFK airport to Manhattan
  • the portion of the 6 train that travels aboveground in the Bronx, offering spectacular views of Manhattan
  • an abandoned elevated rail line on the west side of Manhattan that's being converted into paths and green space

Battery Park City?

  • an exclusive neighborhood on the Upper East Side where homes start at $10 million
  • a huge new condo development in Queens built on the site of an old battery factory
  • a neighborhood at the lower tip of Manhattan