Quiz: No-Cost Home Organization Tips
by Staff
Most people are happy to get something for nothing, and those with home offices, closets and other storage areas are no exception. Spend a few minutes with our quiz to learn how you can get organized for free.

What do most people find to be their main stumbling block when trying to get organized?

  • too much stuff
  • not enough time
  • lack of motivation

How can you decide what to throw out?

  • If it's old, dump it.
  • Consider how much trouble it will be to get rid of it.
  • Think of when it was last used.

What should you do after you decide you no longer need an object?

  • Give it to someone else in your home.
  • Get rid of it.
  • Put it under your bed.

After disposing of items you no longer need, where should items you don't use often be stored?

  • behind things in regular use
  • prominently displayed
  • in off-site storage

What is the benefit of storing similar items in a single location?

  • Things will be easy to find.
  • Things never go missing.
  • Things never get messy.

After you've organized what you already have, how can you keep organized going forward?

  • Don't buy anything new.
  • When something comes in the house, something else should go out.
  • Clean out every closet twice a year.

Do you have to get rid of all unused items?

  • always
  • not if you display them as a warning against more clutter
  • not if you can repurpose the item

What's recommended to keep control of bills?

  • Pay on receipt.
  • Deal with them on the same date every month.
  • Ignore them until the reminder arrives.

How can you keep kids' toy organized?

  • Replace them with books.
  • Put them all in a big box.
  • Exchange new for old.

What is the most important aspect of being organized?

  • Be spontaneous.
  • Do it only when inspired.
  • Make it a habit.