Nuclear Science Quiz
by Staff
Want to learn about the Large Hadron Collider? Do you know which item of clothing was named after an event in nuclear physics? Take the quiz, and the gaps in your knowledge will get smaller, and smaller. And smaller. And smaller…

The word "atom" comes from the Greek word "atomos," meaning:

  • tiny
  • invisible
  • uncuttable

True or false: Atoms are the smallest possible parts of an element that "is" that element.

  • true
  • false

Which of the following subatomic particles is never found in the nucleus of an atom?

  • neutron
  • proton
  • electron

How do you figure out the charge of a charged particle, or ion?

  • Compare the number of electrons to all the particles of the nucleus: protons and neutrons combined. If there are more electrons, it's negative. If there are more protons and neutrons combined, it's positive.
  • Compare the number of electrons to protons. If there are more protons, it is positively charged; more electrons: negatively charged.
  • Compare the number of electrons to neutrons. If there are more electrons, it's positively charged. If there are more neutrons, it's negatively charged.

How are molecules formed out of atoms?

  • An atom with an excess electron (or excess electrons) will lose it (or them) to another atom that is lacking electrons.
  • Two atoms will share electrons.
  • Both are correct.

Which of the following is NOT the name of a molecular bond?

  • kinetic bond
  • ionic bond
  • covalent bond

True or false: Nuclear energy is created through splitting molecules.

  • true
  • false

Which of the following is a hazard of using nuclear energy as a power source?

  • Nuclear energy production relies on "enriching" naturally radioactive uranium to make it even more radioactive. The waste will stay radioactive for thousands of years.
  • High-level radiation, such as that of the waste produced by nuclear power plants, causes cancer, death and birth defects.
  • Both are correct.

Which article of clothing was oddly named for a nuclear testing site?

  • bikini
  • fedora
  • cravat