There's a Name for That? The Obscure Word Quiz
by Staff
Think you can pass our uncommon word quiz? Test your knowledge to see if you know your caruncles from your dactylions.

What is the correct term for that little pink bump at the inner corner of your eye?

  • caruncle
  • dactylion

What's that dent between your nose and upper lip called?

  • glabella
  • philtrum

The plastic tip on the end of your shoelace is an…

  • aglet
  • eyelet

Which of the following would you typically use at the eye doctor?

  • Brannock device
  • Snellen chart

Impress your local barista! Mention to them that the proper name for that paper cup sleeve is a…..

  • zarf
  • grawlix

If you can't help but feel a twinge of pleasure when your least favorite person has a bout of bad luck, you're experiencing this phenomenon.

  • treppenwitz
  • schadenfreude

Misheard lyrics that make perfect sense in your head are known as a…

  • mondegreen
  • petrichor

Got a rumbly in your tumbly? Which of these best describes your experience?

  • borborygmus
  • bruxism

If you're depressed simply by the fact that the world isn't living up to its potential, you've got a mean case of this condition.

  • weltschmerz
  • l'appel du vide

Stretch out your fingers. That distance from the tip of your index finger to your thumb is called a….

  • fribble
  • purlicue