The Ultimate Off-Peak Cooling Systems Quiz
by Staff
Off-peak air conditioning systems will soon be coming to a home near you. Off-peak systems have been saving companies a lot of money for years by reducing energy costs and have proven their effectiveness. Leading air conditioning companies are producing residential units that can be added to your existing system. Take our quiz now to see if you are ready to cool off with off-peak air conditioning.

Who invented the air conditioner?

  • Aaron Friedrich
  • George Trane
  • Willis Carrier

What year was the first residential air conditioner introduced?

  • 1928
  • 1918
  • 1905

What is one of the best ways that a company can save money on their air conditioning costs?

  • A company can increase room temperature minimums by 2 degrees.
  • A company can control access to thermostats with locking covers.
  • A company can install an off-peak cooling system.

How does off-peak air conditioning help utilities enough for them to create attractive rates to offer during off-peak hours?

  • Government forced utilities to offer off-peak discounts to businesses.
  • Even with lower rates, off-peak air conditioning saves money for utilities.

What characteristic of conventional air conditioners helps to encourage switching to off-peak systems?

  • Regular air conditioners use energy less efficiently as the day becomes hotter.
  • The hotter it is outside the more air conditioning capacity needs to be added to maintain temperature.
  • Air conditioners ice up as the day gets hotter so extra units are required to maintain capacity.

What do utilities have to do in order to provide enough electricity during peak demand periods?

  • Utilities have to design their systems so capacity always exceeds demand.
  • Utilities are forced to buy expensive power off the grid to cover peak demand.
  • Utilities have plenty of capacity and use peak demand periods to make more profit.

How can distributing energy usage over the entire day help utilities and our environment?

  • Moving automated tasks and air conditioning to off-peak hours reduces the need for more generating facilities.
  • Utilities can reduce their use of fossil fuels to generate electricity therefore increasing profits.
  • Spreading energy use through the entire day helps keep energy jobs in the state that you live in.

What is different with off-peak systems that allow them to save daytime air conditioning costs?

  • They manufacture dry ice at night, which is an extremely cold solid form of carbon dioxide gas.
  • They liquefy nitrogen at night that is stored in special tanks and gives off cold when it changes back to gas.
  • They freeze water in special insulated tanks at night to use for daytime cooling.

What is the term used to describe the water-freezing mode used by off-peak systems at night?

  • freeze cycle
  • charging
  • ramp-up

What is another common name used for off-peak cooling systems?

  • vapor-compression chiller
  • air-cooled chiller system
  • thermal energy storage system

Where do companies place the large tanks of water and ice that are required for off-peak systems?

  • almost anywhere
  • on the top floor
  • in the basement

What factor do off-peak systems depend on to make them economically viable?

  • cooler temperatures at night
  • attractive off-peak energy rates
  • existing tax credits

What is the measurement unit used to determine the size of an air conditioning system?

  • ergs
  • BTUs
  • tons

How much peak energy can a typical off-peak system save if it is incorporated into an existing air conditioning system in a large residential application?

  • a 95 percent reduction
  • an 80 percent reduction
  • a 60 percent reduction

What percent reduction in peak cooling demand was achieved by the Night Sky Project?

  • 50 to 90 percent
  • 75 to 88 percent
  • 70 to 80 percent