The Ultimate Off-Road Vehicles Quiz
by Staff
For those who like to go off-road, a specialized vehicle may be a necessity. Get your credit card ready, because off-road vehicles can use lots of customization. Take this quiz to learn more about off-road vehicles.

What is the main cause of death from utility-type vehicles?

  • rollover
  • stranded in the frontier
  • lost in the wilderness

What kind of tire increases your vehicle's clearance?

  • wide
  • off-road
  • high performance

What is the main purpose of tires?

  • traction
  • make the ride smooth
  • keep vehicle elevated

What kind of driver should buy all-terrain tires?

  • street and off-road driving
  • all off-road driving
  • all street driving

What kind of driver should buy mud-terrain tires?

  • off-road the majority of the time
  • off-road often
  • off-road seldom

What tire is the most durable?

  • all-terrain
  • mud-terrain
  • snow tires

What tire is the least costly?

  • all-terrain
  • mud-terrain
  • same price

What improves the traction of snow tires?

  • salt
  • sipes
  • rain

What is the main metal component of alloy wheels?

  • aluminum
  • steel
  • iron

Why do vehicles with alloy wheels get better gas mileage than those with steel wheels?

  • lightweight
  • heavy weight
  • neither answer

What is a job of the vehicle suspension system?

  • monitor the braking system
  • keeps the tires touching the road
  • neither answer

Which UTV suspension system is more complex?

  • front
  • rear
  • same

Serious off-roaders install what kind of seats in their vehicle?

  • lamb's wool covered bench seats
  • suspension seats
  • leather bucket seats

What seat choices are standard for utility-type vehicles?

  • bench
  • bucket
  • both answers

Which seat style gives more support and protection for rough rides?

  • bench
  • bucket
  • same

What is standard lighting for trucks and sport utility vehicles?

  • fog lights
  • round off-road lights
  • rectangular off-road lights

How do electric winches draw power?

  • vehicle's battery
  • wall plug
  • generator

What winch needs a running vehicle to operate?

  • electric
  • hydraulic
  • both answers

After installing the winch, what will you then need to upgrade?

  • bumper
  • grill
  • battery

If you plan to carry a group of pals when you go off-roading, what vehicle will be best for a group adventure?

  • ATV
  • UTV
  • regular car