The Ultimate Off-Roading Quiz
by Staff
Driving on a rocky, bumpy and muddy road may be a nightmare for most of us, but there are those who look for the roughest trails they can find. Buckle up and get ready for a really rough ride after you take this quiz.

What in fact is off-roading?

  • any use of an all-terrain vehicle
  • reckless driving on unpaved country roads
  • driving on unpaved ground

What is essential for off-roaders?

  • to know what he's doing
  • to love adventure
  • to love natural scenery

What kind of vehicle can you use?

  • light-weight vehicles
  • high-riding vehicles
  • any well-constructed compact car

What do dirt-bikes and dune buggies have in common?

  • use the same sand tires
  • originally designed for racing
  • designed for sandy terrain

Are modifications needed for specific terrain -- for instance, boulders or mud?

  • off-road vehicles deal with any terrain
  • tires need to be adapted
  • there are specific vehicles for every aspect of off-roading

What is the most important factor in off-roading?

  • tires
  • GPS
  • reinforced underbodies

Which type of drive is best for off-roading?

  • manual gear
  • front-wheel drive
  • four-wheel-drive

Does air pressure of the tires affect off-roading?

  • lower pressure is better
  • higher pressure gives greater maneuverability
  • normal pressure is best

What gets you to the top of the hill?

  • velocity
  • momentum
  • correct approach angle

What is the approach angle of your vehicle?

  • angle your vehicle can traverse
  • steepest angle before vehicle overturns
  • maximum angle that vehicle can climb at a particular momentum

How can you determine the approach angle?

  • broomstick from bottom of front tire to bumper
  • protractor must be used
  • check instruction manual of vehicle

What is the relevance of the break-over angle?

  • maximum width of ditch you can cross
  • gives you the height of an obstacle you can traverse
  • angle beyond which vehicle will capsize

What is mudding?

  • special tires designed for muddy terrain
  • jumping over mud
  • driving through mud

Are there any dangers in mud bogging?

  • you could get dirty
  • unseen obstacles
  • only for dirt bikes

What is the cardinal rule of off-roading?

  • Don't go alone.
  • Lower tire pressure.
  • Use a good GPS.

What is competitive mudding?

  • To see how wide a mud obstacle the dirt bike can jump.
  • Racing through mud obstacles.
  • Seeing how far you can cross a mud pit until you get stuck.

Where is dune bashing a popular tourist attraction?

  • Nevada Desert
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Sahara Desert

What is the most dangerous aspect of climbing sand dunes?

  • too much momentum going up
  • driving down the dune
  • turning on the dune

Is there any danger in green-laning if proper precautions are taken?

  • mainly to tires
  • more to environment than to the vehicle
  • none whatsoever

What is "picking the line" in rock crawling?

  • planning your path
  • aligning the tires with the rocks
  • determining the approach angle and departure angle of the vehicle