The Ultimate Office Cleaning Quiz
by Staff
Considering how many people work at home, with all the related advantages and disadvantages, let's consider one of the major problems: keeping it clean and orderly. If you want some tips on how to keep your home office clean, take this quiz and see what you can learn.

What can you do to make a good impression on a colleague or boss?

  • have huge piles of files all over your desk
  • be organized
  • solve complicated crossword puzzles

What does a clean office make for?

  • a warmer workplace
  • appearance of too much free time
  • makes for a clear head

What appears to be the main cause of office clutter?

  • piles of paper
  • cigarette stubs
  • too many gadgets

Is there a viable solution to paper clutter?

  • Don't accept paper documents.
  • File as you go.
  • Use a huge bin for all paper.

Eating at your desk is an accepted behavior, but what is a major drawback?

  • You can easily get food stains on your computer equipment.
  • You don't interact with your colleagues at lunchtime.
  • No drawback; it impresses the boss.

Other than not eating at your desk, what can you do to keep your work environment in good shape, while eating and working?

  • Place plastic covers over all computer equipment.
  • Eat food that is easy to clean and doesn't spill.
  • Use special wipes for computer peripherals to clean the equipment.

What does a clean desk usually cause?

  • envy of your colleagues
  • greater productivity
  • praise from the boss

How can you keep a clean desk and maintain your busy schedule?

  • Minimize non-essentials.
  • Don't work so hard.
  • Get a bigger desk.

What can you do to keep your office clean and tidy?

  • Cordon off an area for junk.
  • Persuade a colleague to clean up for you.
  • Put everything away.

You have all received odds and ends that clutter your desk. What can you do to avoid mess?

  • Make it someone else's problem.
  • Don't keep the things.
  • Sell them on eBay.