The Ultimate Oil Furnace Repair Quiz
by Staff
Understanding the basic operation of your oil furnace will help you maintain a comfortable home this winter. It is important to learn how to clean and maintain furnace components. Take this quiz to see how fired up your knowledge of how to repair oil furnaces is.

Most modern home oil systems are:

  • pressure burners
  • corn furnaces
  • heat pumps

Which statement is true?

  • An oil furnace is an elaborate combination of parts.
  • An oil furnace is a simple combination of parts.
  • Neither answer is true.

How can you identify the furnace's switches and reset buttons?

  • identifying stamps
  • identifying labels
  • both answers

Where is the safety device to monitor the burner?

  • in the stack
  • next to the master switch
  • above the reset button

What does black chimney smoke indicate?

  • wasted fuel
  • incomplete oil burning
  • both answers

How many times a year should the blower be cleaned?

  • once
  • twice
  • thrice

How often should you clean the thermometer?

  • beginning of heating season
  • midway through the heating season
  • end of heating season

What type of lubrication should be used on the blower motor?

  • cup grease
  • 10-weight non detergent motor oil
  • both answers

Who is qualified to clean or replace the furnace's filter?

  • you
  • a professional
  • neither answer

What will happen if the oil tank is empty?

  • The burner will not fire.
  • The furnace will not turn on.
  • Both answers are correct.

How often should the oil furnace's filter be maintained?

  • once
  • twice
  • thrice

If the oil furnace has an oil strainer, when should this component be cleaned?

  • same time as the filter
  • during service call
  • neither answers

What material is used to clean the strainer?

  • soak in kerosene
  • clean with a toothbrush
  • both answers

When should you replace the strainer?

  • every two years
  • if torn or substantially bent
  • never

How often should you clean the stack control?

  • monthly
  • yearly
  • every two years

Why does the stack control need to be cleaned so often?

  • Soot builds up quickly.
  • The control is very fragile.
  • The control may overheat.

What product should you use to clean the stack control?

  • soapy water
  • stack control commercial cleaner
  • vinegar and water

What type of cement is used for furnaces?

  • gypsum
  • refractory
  • dental

A furnace may have how many master switches?

  • one
  • two
  • three

How do you know when the draft regulator needs maintenance?

  • soot buildup
  • rattling sound
  • both answers