Old Wives' Tales and Superstitions Quiz
by Staff
People construct strange concepts to explain the world around them. How much do you know about these old wives' tales and superstitions?

One old wives' tale says that if a woman has a difficult childbirth, she is most likely to have this:

  • a boy
  • a girl
  • twins

Going outside with wet hair will cause what?

  • You'll fall down.
  • You'll catch a cold.
  • You'll get pregnant

Why would you sew a swan feather into your husband's pillow?

  • to ensure fidelity
  • to make him sneeze
  • to ward off disease

One tale says that a hot bath can have what effect on men?

  • lower their fertility
  • make them dumber
  • improve eyesight

What does it mean if you bite your tongue during a meal?

  • Your lover is cheating on you.
  • You've told a lie.
  • You're pregnant.

Why would you plant rosemary near your front door?

  • to curse door-to-door salesmen
  • to bring riches
  • to drive away witches

True or False: Foods with mayonnaise spoil faster.

  • true
  • false

True or False: Chicken soup can serve as medicine when you're sick.

  • true
  • false

Why should you open the windows if someone dies in your house?

  • to call for angels
  • to get rid of the smell
  • so that their soul can leave the premises

If you see an owl during daylight hours, it is a sign of what?

  • an eclipse coming
  • bad luck
  • a plague

Why is it bad luck to kill a sparrow?

  • They have evil spirits inside.
  • They contain souls of the dead.
  • They harbor deadly pathogens.

Heartburn during pregnancy may mean what about the baby?

  • It will cry a lot during the first few months.
  • It will be a girl.
  • It will be hairy.

What should you do if you see a white moth attempting to enter your home?

  • make it a pet
  • let it in
  • run away screaming

If a woman craves salty foods during pregnancy, what does it mean?

  • She's having a boy.
  • She's having a huge baby.
  • She has a mineral deficiency.

If you're pregnant and you eat a salad, what might happen?

  • You'll get extra gifts at the baby shower.
  • Your spouse will drop dead.
  • early labor

An old wives' tale says that a "hair of the dog" will alleviate symptoms of what?

  • pneumonia
  • hangovers
  • STDs

What good does it do to put a knife under your pillow during childbirth?

  • It will ward off a multiple-baby birth.
  • It helps ease the pain.
  • You can stab your husband if he gets too close.

If you blow on a dandelion, the seeds that remain on the head indicate what?

  • how many kids you'll have
  • how many years you have left to live
  • how many people will come to your funeral

What does it mean if you dream about fish?

  • You watched "Jaws" before bedtime.
  • Someone you know is pregnant.
  • You really like fish.

Eating cheese just before going to bed can cause what?

  • headaches
  • cramps
  • nightmares

What does it mean if a soon-to-be mom has great hair and an exceptionally nice "glow" during pregnancy?

  • She had a glass of wine.
  • The baby is a girl.
  • The baby is a boy.

What does it mean if you see a cow lift its tail?

  • The next day will be foggy.
  • It will rain soon.
  • It is going to pee.

In one tale, a "red sky at night" is evidence of what sort of impending weather?

  • It doesn't mean anything.
  • bad weather
  • good weather

What will happen if you sweep debris through your back door at night?

  • Your mate is ill.
  • A stranger will visit.
  • Your house will be clean.

Your mom said that oily fish is especially good for what part of your body?

  • your lungs
  • your blood
  • your brain

What does it mean if a woman is carrying the baby "high" during pregnancy?

  • She will go into labor early.
  • She's giving birth to a girl.
  • She's giving birth to a werewolf.

A bird in your house is sign of what?

  • death
  • birth
  • that you need to clean

If your child is born on a Saturday what can he/she look forward to?

  • a life of woe
  • a life of hard work
  • a life of partying

If you hang an acorn in your window, it will keep what away from your home?

  • lightning
  • wolves
  • people

What does it mean if you see three butterflies together?

  • You're pregnant.
  • good luck
  • the Antichrist near