Benefits to Online Banking for Businesses Quiz
by Staff
Security fears may have perhaps prevented you from switching your business to online banking. But the more you learn about it, the more benefits you will discover. How much do you know about the perks of managing your bank account online?

Which of the following is impossible to do online?

  • transfer funds
  • deposit a check
  • neither of the above

When can you access your bank account information online?

  • during business hours
  • 24 hours per day, except holidays
  • 24 hours per day, including holidays

Which banking method is generally considered to be more environmentally friendly?

  • online banking
  • traditional banking
  • They are about the same when it comes to being green.

What is an easy way to take care of bills that vary every month?

  • automatic bill pay
  • setting up an online bill payment for your account where you can plug in a different amount each month
  • traditional checks and snail mail

What do banks usually allow you to do to prevent yourself from letting an automatic bill payment from going on too long?

  • set up an end-date
  • set up e-mail reminders when bills are about to go out
  • both of the above

How can you monitor your bank accounts from different banks together?

  • import all your bank account information into a Bank of America online account
  • import account information into QuickBooks
  • There is no way to do this.

Which of the following is an electronic money transfer that happens immediately?

  • wire transfer
  • ACH transfer
  • money order

In 2011, what did the American Bankers Association find out about most Americans age 55 and older?

  • They prefer online banking to traditional banking.
  • They prefer traditional banking to online banking.
  • Most hadn’t tried online banking.

Why do some say that online banking is more secure than traditional banking?

  • Hackers cannot intercept your data.
  • Information on secure banking sites is encrypted.
  • No one argues this.

What is not a good way to help ensure the security of your sensitive banking information?

  • using anti-virus software
  • using only trusted Web sites
  • sharing your PIN with others