The Ultimate Organic Gardening Quiz
by Staff
Organic gardeners pay very careful -- some say obsessive -- attention to their soil to produce fruits and veggies that they claim taste better than supermarket goods. Organic gardeners can be really into worms, too -- take this quiz and find out why.

A key component of organic gardening is increasing the percentage of organic matter in your soil. Most soil contains how much organic matter?

  • 5 percent
  • 10 percent
  • 20 percent

Organic gardeners always seem to be managing the levels of which element in their soil?

  • oxygen
  • nitrogen
  • hydrogen

What is compost?

  • a method of aerating soil to maximize its oxygen levels
  • a mixture of decaying organic waste that's used for soil in organic gardening
  • a very concentrated organic liquid plant food

What's vermicompost?

  • soil made of compost and worm droppings
  • soil made of compost and coffee grounds
  • soil made of compost and animal by-products

What's the best kind of worm to use for vermicomposting?

  • red wigglers
  • blue diggers
  • brown crawlers

What is worm tea?

  • liquid vermicompost
  • a concentrated plant-food mixture made from worm droppings
  • worm food made from used tea leaves

Which of these things can be used as organic fertilizer?

  • tree fungus
  • horse hair
  • dried blood

What is organic hydroponic gardening?

  • growing plants using twice as much water as usual
  • growing plants in water instead of soil
  • growing plants using a minimum amount of water

What's the best organic weed killer?

  • cow urine
  • a potent mixture of orange juice and chili powder
  • your hands, a shovel and a hoe

What vegetable did President Obama ban from the White House organic garden?

  • beets
  • broccoli
  • squash