The Ultimate Organize Your Living Room Quiz
by Staff
A great way to breathe new life into your living room without spending lots of money is to rearrange the furniture. But few things are more frustrating than rearranging everything and then discovering that the new layout doesn't really work for your purposes. Take this quiz to see how many organizing tips you know.

What should you focus on in designing a living room that will make your family feel welcome?

  • furniture layout
  • placement of photos
  • color scheme

What is the first thing you should do when planning to rearrange your furniture?

  • measure the room
  • measure the furniture
  • spell out the purpose of the rearrangement

What should you leave out of your initial diagram of the room you want to rearrange?

  • furniture
  • doors and windows
  • fireplaces

How can you indicate on your room diagram an area of the room that you would like to use for a specific purpose?

  • draw a circle around it
  • shade in the amount of space you will need
  • write the purpose of the area onto that part of the diagram

What can you do to trigger creative ideas when designing a new furniture layout for your room?

  • Purposely do a version on paper where you put something in a place you don't want it.
  • Ask for your family's approval after laying the room out.
  • Try rearranging the room physically, without doing any prior planning on paper.

What will most impact the layout concept you use for your furniture?

  • the room's purpose
  • the size of the pieces of furniture
  • whether you use the room as a way to get from one part of the house to another

If you plan to hold parties in your living room, what should you do when planning your furniture layout?

  • Plan a second layout for your furniture to use during parties.
  • Make sure there is enough space to put down food trays.
  • Focus on the flow of traffic through the various areas of the living room.

How can you increase the usable space in your living room?

  • by moving couches and chairs away from walls
  • by considering a furniture layout with moving pieces
  • by drawing the lines of traffic onto your room diagram first

At least how much space should you allow for traffic lanes in your living room?

  • 18 inches
  • two feet
  • three feet

How can you create an inexpensive, new entertainment center for your living room?

  • by painting two bookcases and a TV stand the same color
  • by getting a wall-mounted television and speakers
  • by laying your furniture out in a way that focuses on the television