The Ultimate Organizing an Attic Quiz
by Staff
You know the mess is up there, hiding in your attic. Old clothes, holiday decorations, keepsakes, old furniture and perhaps even garbage-worthy items, are all stored in a half-hazard, disorganized fashion in your attic. Tackle this mess head on with a clear organizational plan. Take this quiz and learn how to organize your attic.

Most attics contain:

  • rodents
  • unmarked boxes and bins
  • garbage

How long does it take to organize a typical attic?

  • one day
  • one week
  • several months

What is the first thing you should do when organizing your attic?

  • remove all the boxes
  • take inventory
  • throw out garbage

You should throw something out if:

  • you rarely use it
  • it would be easy to replace
  • either of the above

You should sort your attic items into three categories. What are they?

  • garbage, keep and donate
  • keepsakes, decorations and clothes
  • always used, used on special occasions and rarely used

How can you creatively keep your children's old baby clothes?

  • Keep them in a keepsake box.
  • Make a special quilt with the clothes.
  • Hang the clothes in a shadow box.

How should you store your attic items?

  • according to categories
  • according to size of the items
  • according to time of year the items are typically used

What should be stored toward the back of your attic?

  • clothing
  • keepsakes
  • seasonal decorations

What can help you with storage in your attic?

  • a shelving system
  • new boxes
  • both of the above

You should store your attic items in:

  • plastic containers
  • fire resistant containers
  • either of the above