The Ultimate Organizing Closet Accessories Quiz
by Staff
Organizing your closet accessories may be the key to finding something when you need it. Take this quiz and learn how to organize your closet accessories.

How can you reach closet nirvana?

  • by having everything in the closet organized
  • not sure if closet nirvana is legal
  • by having a minimum of stuff in the closet

What can add up to a closet nightmare?

  • lack of hangers
  • piles of non-color-coordinated clothes
  • cluttered accessories

What kind of hangers are preferable?

  • coated wire hangers
  • plastic or wood
  • no preference

If you buy plastic hangers, what should you look for?

  • sturdiness
  • color-coordination
  • slim elegance

What is a lower quality hanger liable to do?

  • cost less
  • bend or break
  • ruin the color scheme

Is the traditional layout of hanging space efficient?

  • wastes space
  • of course
  • only for men's clothes

How can you utilize the available hanging space in the best way possible?

  • Arrange similar items together.
  • Compress clothing as tightly as possible.
  • Layer clothing vertically.

So just how do you accomplish the space-saving feat?

  • hooks attached to top of closet
  • extra hanging rods
  • attachable hangers

What is another advantage to layering clothes?

  • easier to find things
  • less wrinkles
  • look neater

What is one object of organizing a closet, other than keeping clothes in order?

  • storing accessories efficiently
  • making room for more accessories
  • creating a more aesthetic environment

Can you think of one of the principles of organizing that can really help utilize closet space?

  • More stuff is easier to organize.
  • If you don't need it immediately hide it.
  • Divide space into smaller sections.

How do you add storage space to an existing given area?

  • Pack everything as tight as possible.
  • Add more shelves in unused areas.
  • Elastic straps will allow things to move up or down according to how much is added .

What should guide you when choosing a storage method?

  • The method must be easy to use.
  • The more complicated the design, the more efficient the system.
  • A simple design is always best.

A simple hook screwed into the wall of the closet is an effective way of hanging belts. Is there any drawback to this method?

  • Not at all. This is a good example of efficiency.
  • It's only a problem if the belt is too heavy for the hook.
  • If you hang more than one belt it could be a hassle.

After you decide where your clothes will be hung in the closet, what is your next decision?

  • deciding which clothing to put in first
  • deciding where to store accessories
  • deciding on system of color coordinating

Is there any real problem with piling shoes at the bottom of the closet?

  • You're wasting time looking for shoes.
  • No problem, this is dead space.
  • The shoes could damage long coats or dresses.

Okay, so we decide to organize the shoes. The question is how?

  • a few baskets
  • over-the-door shoe rack
  • shelves near the bottom of the closet

What if your closet has sliding doors?

  • You can't use the shoe rack.
  • Mount the shoe rack vertically and don't open the doors all the way.
  • Attach the shoe rack to the inner door.

Can keeping shoes in boxes help save space?

  • If boxes are individually held and not stacked.
  • It's not a good idea.
  • Only if you can see what's in the boxes.

What is the most difficult accessory to store?

  • leather belts
  • sweaters
  • neckties