The Ultimate Organizing Your Closet Quiz
by Staff
Thinking how to organize your closet may give you sleepless nights. Take this quiz and learn how to organize your closet.

After you decide to organize that closet, what is the hardest step to take?

  • deciding where to begin
  • considering what to throw out
  • committing to the first project

What is one of the important principles when embarking on an organizing project?

  • Visualize the precise result you want to achieve.
  • Work as quickly as you can.
  • Purchase the latest organizing gadgets.

When should you call in a professional organizer?

  • if you want to offer employment to someone
  • if you are physically incapable
  • if you are allergic to organization

How do you begin the organizational process?

  • Work from one side to another.
  • Begin at the top and work downwards.
  • Choose the most cluttered area.

Should you rely only on your own intuition and knowledge?

  • Find out all you can maybe you'll discover a solution you hadn't thought of.
  • It's your closet, only you know what you need.
  • The more information you gather, the more confused you'll be.

If you give the job of organizing to a consultant what must you do?

  • Allow the professional to do what he thinks best.
  • You must be prepared for surprises.
  • Specify to the consultant your needs and preferences

Which is the more efficient method: planning first or getting on with the work, organizing as you go along.

  • Get working and things will fall in place.
  • Plan if you want to get the job done.
  • Get everything out of the closet then plan what to do.

What will a well designed plan give you?

  • a sense of achievement
  • sense of loss at the lack of spontaneity
  • a smoother, swifter process

Is conserving space an essential goal in the greater organizational plan?

  • not if it makes the using the system more difficult
  • definitely
  • only if you don't have enough room

What is the ultimate goal of devoting effort to organizing?

  • having everything neatly in place
  • feeling good about accomplishing something positive
  • creating an easily maintained system

How should you relate to the huge variety of products and gadgets that are advertised as essential to good organization?

  • Check out everything and see how you can adapt things to your needs.
  • First decide what you need, then look for a solution.
  • See what you can afford before going into an "organizing gadgets" store.

Is it important for a closet to have a uniform look at all costs?

  • It's purely a matter of personal taste.
  • A uniform look is essential.
  • A uniform look should be secondary to functionality.

If you decide to design and install a system for organizing your closet, what should be one of your first concerns, other than cost?

  • if you have the time and motivation
  • if you have the tools and expertise
  • if the result will be as good as a professional's

What should you consider if you replace a closet?

  • Repairing the wall behind the closet will cost you extra to fix.
  • Think about what to do with the old closet.
  • Consider whether you can put the old closet in your newly arranged garage.

Does organizing a closet demand a strict, non-compromising adherence to the original plan?

  • Keep within budget at all costs.
  • If you don’t stick to the plan, you'll have no system.
  • Sometimes you need to compromise in a particular area to gain more elsewhere.