The Ultimate Organizing a Garage Quiz
by Staff
Almost every house has a garage, and it's usually the designated storage space for everything from a broken bicycle to the old carpet. It's time to get that place in order, especially if you want to park your car there.

What is the major problem connected with organizing a garage?

  • the car
  • accumulation of stuff
  • lack of space

Is it necessary to get rid of all these miscellaneous acquisitions?

  • Throw out only things that don't look good.
  • Absolutely, that is the only way to go.
  • Get organized and you can keep it all.

What is the best reason for organizing your garage?

  • You will be able to access whatever you need.
  • It will look tidier.
  • You'll have more room for your car.

In terms of storage space, what is the main characteristic of a garage?

  • big door
  • an abundance of floor space
  • more wall space than floor space

How should you begin?

  • Move the car out of the garage.
  • Check the available space.
  • Install good lighting.

What part of the garage is often overlooked in terms of storage potential?

  • ceiling
  • corners
  • door

What is the least expensive way to get your garage organized?

  • large plastic bags
  • cardboard boxes
  • shelves

If you have plenty of shelf space, what else is needed for efficient organization?

  • Draw a map showing where everything is.
  • Put similar things together.
  • Arrange things from big to small.

How can you best deal with the numerous small items that pile up?

  • boxes
  • plastic bags
  • peg-board

Once you have everything organized and shelved, what next?

  • Photograph the way things look for future reference.
  • Now you can put pictures on remaining wall space to brighten the place.
  • Design and set up a work area.

Is a well-organized workbench necessary to work more efficiently?

  • Not really - you need work space more than organization.
  • Being able to see and access the tools you need will make life easier.
  • A well-organized space indicates you waste too much time organizing

How can having a garden relate to a garage?

  • The garage can be a place to store gardening stuff.
  • There is no connection.
  • Houses that have gardens also have garages.

If you need to store gardening stuff in your garage, what will you need?

  • proper ventilation
  • lower shelves
  • place to work and to store equipment

Since garage floor space is limited, what should you do about the pots, soil and other garden stuff?

  • Pile it all in an unused corner.
  • Careful selected crates and bins will make a compact gardening section.
  • Keep it all on unused upper shelves.

Assuming you store recycle bins in the garage, how can you prevent clutter resulting from environmental awareness?

  • Keep them out of the garage.
  • Use a single plastic bag attached to the wall.
  • Use stackable recycle bins.