The Ultimate Organizing a Home Office for Less Than $50 Quiz
by Staff
Organizing your home office is one of the challenges of working at home. Take this quiz to see how to organize your home office for under $50.

What are clear signs you need to get your home office organized?

  • silent telephone
  • piles of paper and files everywhere
  • coffee machine too far away

Can trouble finding a particular document affect your work?

  • not at all
  • can distract you from your coffee break
  • may cause a venture to fail

Why should you get your ducks in a row?

  • to spare your bottom line
  • create a home firing range
  • so they'll look good

From what you've seen, how expensive can it be to organize your home office?

  • under $25
  • under $40
  • under $50

What is one of the basic organizational factors in a home office?

  • coaster for your coffee cup
  • wastebasket
  • diary

How can you better demonstrate your environmental awareness?

  • exclusive use of wood pencils
  • displaying environmental stickers
  • recycling waste paper

What is probably the most important item of furniture in a home office, other than the obvious chair, desk, phone and computer?

  • an efficient coffee machine
  • filing cabinet
  • a television

And what is a good companion to the previous purchase?

  • cable television subscription
  • good supply of coffee
  • folders

Now that we have somewhere to file the vital data, let's step back and ask what do we do before filing?

  • obtaining a desktop filing system
  • positioning the filing cabinet
  • emptying the wastebasket

Now that we have determined how to separate the paperwork, how do we keep things under control?

  • heavy paper weights
  • designated area on the desk
  • desktop baskets

Is it more efficient to use wood or metal desktop baskets?

  • It doesn't matter.
  • Wood looks more professional.
  • Metal absorbs static electricity from the papers.

During a busy work day, we get messages and need to remember times of conference calls. Just how can we keep track?

  • a desk tray
  • memory improvement training
  • a memo board

Which is better, corkboard or a dry-erase board?

  • corkboard
  • depends on taste
  • dry erase

If you find yourself running out of space, what could be a simple solution?

  • moving the office
  • getting a smaller desk
  • adding shelves

What is the best advice you can offer someone setting up a home office?

  • Don't do it.
  • Be organized.
  • Get a good coffee machine.