The Ultimate Organizing a Home Office Quiz
by Staff
When most people think of clutter, they envision a messy, disorganized office. You keep a multitude of stuff in a home office, everything from the family computer to your bills and receipts. Take this quiz and learn some simple ways you can organize your home office.

Who needs an organized home office?

  • people who work from home
  • students
  • both of the above

What is a benefit of keeping your clutter at bay?

  • health
  • productivity
  • both of the above

What areas of your home office may need organization?

  • wires
  • writing utensils and stationary supplies
  • both of the above

Disorganization can lead to:

  • depression
  • stress
  • obsessions and compulsions

How much do businesses lose each year as a result of disorganization?

  • $500 per employee
  • $3,000 per employee
  • $8,000 per employee

Over the course of your life, how much time do you lose because of disorganization?

  • three months
  • six months
  • one year

What is a great tool that you should buy to help with organization?

  • organizational bins
  • a label maker
  • a “how-to” organization book

Why should you avoid placing your computer on the floor?

  • It's a fire hazard.
  • It shortens the life of your computer.
  • both of the above

Your computer desk should come equipped with?

  • storage space for your computer
  • organizational shelves
  • both of the above

It's important to keep wires out of harms way. What should you do with your electronic wires in your home office?

  • tie them in elastic bands
  • encase them in a special housing product
  • fasten them to the wall

What is the first step in organizing your office supplies?

  • Buy new office supplies.
  • Test out your existing office supplies.
  • Categorize your office supplies.

What should you do if you have a lot of pens?

  • Store them in a large storage space near your desk.
  • Throw some pens away.
  • Store some pens in the closet.

What kitchen device is useful for office organization?

  • mixing bowls
  • a cutlery tray
  • sandwich bags

What is the first step in organizing your files?

  • Throw out unnecessary files.
  • Buy new file folders and a filing cabinet.
  • Sort through your files.

Sort your files into these three different categories:

  • desk, storage and garbage
  • keep, recycle, shred
  • use frequently, use occasionally and rarely use

What office supplies will you need for sorting through files?

  • file folders and bins
  • file folders, filing cabinet and label maker
  • paper, pen and file folders

What office papers should be shredded?

  • everything
  • anything with personal information
  • only client confidential papers

How do you go about shredding papers?

  • purchase a home shredder
  • call a shredding company
  • either of the above

What should you do before you purchase a new office desk?

  • measure your office
  • measure your electronics
  • both of the above

Besides an office desk, what over type of office furniture can greatly help with organization?

  • a step stool
  • a small table or cabinet
  • a bookcase