The Ultimate Organizing Your Kitchen for Under $50 Quiz
by Staff
At some stage you will need to organize your kitchen. Take this quiz and see tips that will help you organize your kitchen for under $50.

No matter how big or small your kitchen, what is the best way to begin organizing?

  • Decide on a target date.
  • Start with a good strong cup of coffee.
  • Dump what you can't use.

How can you decide what needs to be thrown out?

  • Decide whether you intend using an item in the near future.
  • Check expiry dates.
  • Consider the nutritional value of the item.

What should you feel after junking your old stuff?

  • regret
  • relieved
  • liberated

In what case is throwing out food not really a wasteful act?

  • if it has passed expiry date
  • if no one really wants to eat it
  • if it didn't cost a lot

After throwing out or giving away foodstuffs we don't need or can't use, what is the next target?

  • Make up a more efficient shopping list.
  • Check for unused or unusable kitchen hardware.
  • Throw out the garbage to make room for more garbage.

What can you do with spare items in good working condition?

  • Assess the value and mark it on the item for future reference.
  • Store them away carefully for possible future use.
  • Give them away.

We all have a place where we store miscellaneous items that have no designated home. How can we organize this vital area?

  • Throw everything into a bin and look for stuff only when it is needed.
  • Divide stuff by color or size.
  • Divide things into categories using containers or partitions.

Should all your kitchen utensils be packed away in drawers?

  • Out of sight, out of mind - what we don't see, will not appear to be cluttered.
  • Some things should be hung up in clear sight.
  • As long as the drawers are big enough to hold everything.

Is there any drawback to using pot racks?

  • They can be expensive.
  • They leave everything in sight.
  • They are not always in tune with the décor of your kitchen.

Is a lazy Susan a good thing?

  • Lazy is not a good thing when organizing.
  • You can see everything on the circular shelf.
  • Only when used in the top part of a cupboard.

What causes more clutter, big things or small things?

  • both
  • big things
  • small things

Considering your limited budget, where are you more likely to find new, suitable kitchen accessories?

  • special kitchen accessory stores
  • discount stores
  • neighbor's yard sale

What can you do if you see stuff piled on the bottom of a cabinet with an empty space above?

  • Pile stuff up higher with dividers between the piles.
  • Arrange your cabinet so that you only store tall stuff in it.
  • Add shelves to utilize the space.

Boxes of cereals and other dry goods take up a lot of space, what can we do about it?

  • Get matching plastic containers.
  • Buy fewer types of dry goods.
  • Buy smaller boxes of cereals and dry goods.

What is another advantage of using plastic containers?

  • You are being more environmentally aware.
  • Keep out the insects and other pests.
  • Protect the contents better if they are dropped.