Outdoor Living Quiz
by Staff
This outdoor living quiz will test your knowledge of backyard recreation options. Test yourself with the outdoor living quiz.

A dense background of green foliage, created with tall mixed evergreens is a perfect solution for:

  • Designing the backdrop of a garden that will create depth and show off colorful plants.
  • Expanding variety in the garden.
  • Showing the effect of foliage in the garden.
  • Creating a sanctuary garden.

Plants that need extra sun and warmth should be planted with which exposure?

  • West
  • East
  • North
  • South

Hedges come in many forms, including:

  • Clipped hedges
  • Naturalistic hedges
  • Shrub borders
  • Hedgerows

Creating a wildlife habitat garden means that you are:

  • Feeding the birds
  • Creating a wild garden
  • Planting to attract deer
  • Gardening organically and with plants that provide cover and food for local wildlife as well as water

The concept of borrowed scenery is ...

  • Placing a painter mural in the garden
  • Framing scenery outside the garden in an artful way that makes the property appear to stretch beyond its boundaries
  • Placing a statue in the long view
  • Creating the image of another garden within the existing garden

When you have a steep hillside in your garden, one of the best solutions is to:

  • Plant ground cover
  • Put in a stream
  • Install a terraced garden with gentle stairs
  • Plant grass

Planning the garden with vantage points in mind includes such considerations as:

  • Including plenty of vegetables in the garden
  • Using long-term planning to accomplish results
  • Creating views, complete with designing foreground frames of trees, rocks or garden art and a long picturesque vista
  • Including sculpture in the garden

One advantage of creating a water garden is:

  • The rich variety of water plants you can grow
  • The potential for water music you can create
  • The opportunities for adding water movement
  • The reflections created by adding water

Using furniture and sculpture in a garden can give opportunities for:

  • Creating places to sit
  • Focal points for pulling your eye to a certain places
  • Elements to consider for night lighting
  • Stopping points along the garden journey