The Ultimate Outdoor Living Tips and Tricks Quiz
by Staff
Many people put a lot of thought into the interior design of their houses, but planning a garden, yard or deck can be equally important. There may be no greater pleasure than sitting outside your house and simply enjoying nature. See how much you've learned about designing your outdoor space by taking this quiz.

What type of flower pots should you not leave outside during a cold winter?

  • terra-cotta
  • stone
  • concrete

When should you prune azaleas?

  • right after flowering
  • one month after the buds have opened
  • whenever they get too overgrown

What is a useful aid in designing a flower bed with a curve?

  • a garden hose
  • a trench
  • a leveling tool

What type of edge should you avoid in your flower bed?

  • one with many sharp curves
  • a gentle convex curve
  • a single S-shaped curve

What is a benefit of larger planters over smaller ones?

  • The soil takes longer to dry out.
  • They are less expensive.
  • They keep plants warmer.

What should you be careful to avoid until the roots of a plant fill in a larger planter?

  • over-watering the plants
  • putting different types of plants in the same planter
  • leaving them in an area with fluctuating temperatures

Why would you put a window in a garden fence, instead of removing the fence entirely?

  • to provide a selective view
  • to maintain privacy
  • to meet zoning ordinances

How can you make your outdoor deck more visually appealing?

  • by varying the size or placement of the planks
  • by staining it a very dark color
  • by planting a flower garden on part of it

How can you improve the look of your pergola?

  • by planting a vine next to it
  • by closing the roof in
  • by placing screens in all of the open spaces

What should you consider when choosing where to place garden furniture?

  • the view
  • how close it is to the house
  • when it will be shaded

What else can you accomplish by placing your garden furniture in specific spots?

  • You can draw the viewers eye along a certain route through the garden.
  • You can create better air flow through the garden.
  • You can protect plants from pests.

What is "moonlighting" in terms of garden design?

  • hanging a lamp high up in a tree to light from overhead
  • placing pale blue screens in front of your garden lights to soften their feel
  • using only natural light when the moon is full

Why is it nice to use flagstones of varied sizes and shapes for paving?

  • It looks more informal.
  • It is more eco-friendly.
  • It creates the illusion of a larger space.

What is the minimum thickness of flagstone you should use for paving a walking path?

  • one inch
  • two inches
  • three inches

What colors of flowers might make a garden feel smaller than it actually is?

  • oranges and reds
  • purples
  • blues and greens