The Ultimate Oyster Quiz
by Staff
Oysters is along with squids and octopuses is are an ancient delicacy. They live short lives along the floor of the ocean throughout the world. Take this quiz and learn more about this interesting sea creature.

Oysters are related to:

  • scallops
  • mussels
  • both of the above

Where do oysters live?

  • at the bottom of the ocean
  • on coral reef
  • both of the above

Humans have been eating oysters since:

  • prehistoric times
  • biblical times
  • medieval times

When do oysters lose their taste?

  • from September to December
  • from January to April
  • from May to August

What color are oyster shells?

  • gray
  • whitish
  • both of the above

Oyster shells are made out of:

  • calcium
  • iron
  • copper

What keeps an oyster shell closed?

  • the abductor muscle
  • the mantle
  • the shell-secreting membrane

What is the purpose of an oyster's gills?

  • for collecting food
  • for breathing
  • both of the above

What does an oyster lack?

  • a head and brain
  • a mouth
  • both of the above

Which of the following is a predator for the oyster?

  • marine snails
  • small fish
  • both of the above

Overfishing and water pollution has resulted in:

  • depleted oyster beds
  • an excess of oysters in the ocean
  • malformed oysters

What do oysters eat?

  • debris
  • plankton
  • both of the above

How do oysters reproduce?

  • by releasing eggs or sperm into the water
  • by making contact with the opposite sex
  • both of the above

How old are oysters when they are harvested by fisherman?

  • one year old
  • three to five years old
  • about ten years old

What type of oysters have deep-cupped shells?

  • Pycnodonta oysters
  • Crassostrea¬† oysters
  • Ostrea oysters

How can you tell the age of an oyster?

  • by their rings
  • by their spots
  • by their shell thickness

What happens as an oyster's body grows?

  • The oyster sheds its shell for a larger one.
  • The shell also grows.
  • both of the above

Where in the world are oysters cultivated?

  • in North America only
  • all over the world
  • in North American and Asia only

What happens when an oyster is shucked?

  • It's washed with soap.
  • The shell is removed.
  • Hormones are inserted to increase size.

How are canned oysters cooked?

  • baked
  • boiled
  • steamed