The Ultimate Packing the Car for a Trip Quiz
by Staff
Going on a road trip with your family? Want to make the experience at least slightly bearable? Take our quiz and get some great ideas for entertainment, snacks and efficient packing.

How should heavy luggage be placed in the trunk of a car?

  • as far forward and as close to the floor as possible
  • as far back and as far from the floor as possible
  • as far back and as close to the floor as possible

How should luggage be stacked if there is no trunk?

  • piled high, with lighter items down below
  • evenly laid out, with lighter items on the top of bigger items
  • piled high, with lighter items on top of the bigger items

Where should people who get car sick be seated?

  • in a less bumpy middle seat
  • closer to the back
  • closer to the front

How much additional luggage does a roof rack carry?

  • 75 to 100 pounds (34 to 44.5 kilograms)
  • 75 to 250 pounds (34 to 113 kilograms)
  • 100 to 300 pounds (44.5 to 136.4 kilograms)

What should you have in a roadside emergency kit?

  • a flashlight, auto club membership card, water, matches, oil, spare tire, fire extinguisher
  • first aid kit, fire extinguisher, tire gauge, flares, auto club membership card, flashlight, jumper cables
  • first aid kit, matches, spare tire, water, oil, gas canister

What are good food ideas to take along with you?

  • Don't take food along; you can buy along the way.
  • Packaged snacks like chips and chocolate are easy and convenient to take along.
  • Nutritious choices like cut fruit, trail mix and pretzels are a great idea.

What is the best choice of drinks to take along?

  • bottled water or juice boxes with straws
  • soda cans
  • a picnic canister of water and disposable cups

What is the most popular coastal drive in the world?

  • California's Pacific Coast Highway
  • Australia's Great Ocean Road
  • Hawaii's Hana Highway

What is a better entertainment alternative than singing "99 bottles of beer"?

  • card games
  • DVDs
  • family sing along (minus "99 bottles of beer," of course)

Why is an iPad a good idea to take along?

  • It also has a GPS so it can help you navigate.
  • It is so interesting, you won’t hear your kids ask: "Are we there yet?"
  • It isn't; better stick to traditional games like "I spy" and "20 questions."