The Ultimate Paragliding Quiz
by Staff
Share the blue skies with our feathered friends by paragliding. Some 5,000 people in the U.S. participate in this daring activity. Take this quiz to learn more about the gentle sport of paragliding.

What does dreaming about flying mean?

  • bad news
  • good things to come
  • financial disaster

What is paragliding?

  • motorized flying with a parachute
  • nonmotorized flying with an inflatable wing
  • parachuting

What is the difference between hang gliding and paragliding?

  • no frame
  • no parachute
  • heavier equipment

How high can paragliders soar?

  • 4,572 feet
  • 8,500 feet
  • 15,000 feet

What is the big difference between paragliding and parachuting?

  • Paragliders start on the ground.
  • Parachuters fall from the sky.
  • Both answers are correct

What did the sport of paragliding grow out of?

  • military parachute jumping practice
  • hang gliding
  • bungee jumping

Who developed the parafoil design that changed the shape of paragliding chutes from round to rectangular?

  • Domina Jalbert
  • Wright Brothers
  • Henry Ford

What is the shape of a paraglider wing?

  • round
  • rectangular
  • elliptical

How many people participate in the sport of paragliding in the U.S.?

  • 1000
  • 2500
  • 5000

How long will a wing last?

  • 300 hours
  • 500 hours
  • 750 hours

What holds the paraglider?

  • harness
  • risers
  • wing

What happens is the wing fails?

  • reserve parachute is utilized
  • serious injury
  • certain death

What protects a pilot from a head injury?

  • wing
  • helmet
  • risers

What type of rising air is a column rising from the ground?

  • thermal
  • wave lift
  • ridge lift

How high was Ewa Wisnierska when she got caught in a storm while paragliding?

  • 10,000 feet
  • 19,000 feet
  • 29,000 feet

What is a paragliding gadget?

  • altimeter
  • variometer
  • both answers

What is an altimeter used for?

  • tracks your altitude
  • indicates speed of climbing or falling
  • tells your location

How much is one day of paragliding lessons?

  • 200
  • 400
  • 500

What should you do to ensure safe paragliding?

  • replace the wing after 100 hours of use
  • avoid unsafe wind conditions
  • stay on the ground

Compared to other activities, how dangerous is paragliding?

  • comparable to horseback riding
  • comparable to bicycle riding
  • comparable to professional football