The Ultimate Parapsychology Quiz
by Staff
We humans know we struggle to comprehend a lot of things that happen in our world. How much do you know about parapsychology and its explanations for strange events?

Parapsychology is the study of interactions between living things and their…what?

  • Abandoned buildings
  • Minds
  • Environment

ESP is an acronym for what?

  • Extra-spooky paranormal
  • Eitner's spirit portal
  • Extrasensory perception

The majority of academic researchers look at parapsychology as what?

  • Untested
  • Interesting but unproven
  • Pseudoscience

What is NOT a topic of parapsychological study?

  • Magic spells
  • UFOs
  • The afterlife

What does precognition allow one to do?

  • See an event before it happens
  • Speak with the dead
  • See ghosts on a regular basis

What happens in a "channeling" session?

  • People exhume dead bodies to retrieve personal belongings that will be used in a séance.
  • A medium locates the body of a missing person.
  • The dead speak through the living.

What does PK stand for?

  • Protokinesis
  • Psychokinesis
  • Parakinesis

Professor James Alcock has said that the concepts of parapsychology are no different than…what?

  • Drug abuse
  • Psychosis
  • Magic

If there is a delay between the transmission and reception of thoughts between sender and receiver, you are experiencing what?

  • Latent telepathy
  • Superconscious telepathy
  • Retrocognitive telepathy

What does "remote viewing" allow someone to do?

  • Let's a person see through a dead loved one's eyes
  • Allows a person knowledge of an object hidden in space or time
  • Stream live TV to a computer

What is a séance?

  • An attempt to contact spirits
  • A meeting held in the dark
  • A way for the living to reanimate the dead

What happens in telepathy?

  • You can heal a wound without touching it.
  • You can experience mind to mind communication.
  • You can bend spoons with your mind.

If you witness objects being moved around in a violent fashion, you may be in the presence of what?

  • A poltergeist
  • A toddler
  • Satan

If you experience an apparition but no corresponding physical manifestations, you are probably experiencing what?

  • A deceased family member
  • A gentle spirit
  • Hallucinations

What subject do survival studies investigate?

  • How to protect your family against malicious spirits
  • Human consciousness and whether it survives after death
  • It studies why some people are more affected by the paranormal than others.

At which American university did some of the first widely-publicized parapsychology experiments take place?

  • Princeton University
  • Harvard University
  • Duke University

What does the world "poltergeist" mean?

  • Violent ghost
  • Pounding ghost
  • Shrieking ghost

Parapsychological phenomenon is often abbreviated as which term?

  • PSY phenomenon
  • PAP phenomenon
  • PSI phenomenon

The ESP studies performed at Duke University caught participants in fraudulent behavior.

  • TRUE

What does anomalistics psychology do?

  • Analyzes the cultural roots of ghost hunting
  • Attributes mental and physical factors to paranormal experiences
  • Uses specialized equipment to pinpoint environmental disturbances that contribute to poltergeist activity

What year was the Society for Psychical Research founded in London?

  • 1752
  • 1882
  • 1901

In the 1930s, in an attempt to confirm cases of telepathy, how many tests did K.M. Goldney and Samuel Soal perform?

  • more than 5,000
  • more than 18,000
  • more than 120,000

Why do some parapsychologists stress the concept of "paradigm" regarding their subject matter?

  • If you can't shift your paradigm, you can't experience ghosts.
  • One's worldview can drastically change perceptions.
  • No one knows exactly what that word is supposed to mean.

How does "selective reporting" affect studies about paranormal phenomena?

  • It reports only events that support the hypothesis.
  • It reports only spirits that appear to be good instead of evil.
  • It reports only random events.

What did the Creery sisters claim to be able to do?

  • Predict the future
  • Channel spirits
  • Perform telepathy

When did the Modern Spiritualism movement begin?

  • 1848
  • 1873
  • 1801

In what year did the Fox sisters finally admit that they'd faked the knocking sounds that jump-started the Spiritualism movement?

  • 1849
  • 1861
  • 1888

Daniel Dunglas Home was a Scottish medium who had a talent for performing which feat?

  • Precognition
  • Levitation
  • Mind-reading

British physicist Oliver Lodge fell into spiritualism for what reason?

  • He wanted to contact his dead son.
  • He wanted to know what the afterlife was like.
  • He was sure there was a link between radio waves and paranormal events.

There is scientific evidence that telepathy exists.

  • TRUE