Gosh!: Are You an Annoying Parent?
by Staff
Teenagers dislike a lot of things -- and you can live with that (as long as you're not one of those things). Test your knowledge of the traits teens hate. Maybe, just maybe, you can stay off your adolescent's list of irritants.

At what age did Mark Twain realize his dad was pretty bright after all?

  • 10
  • 21
  • 40

Having an awareness of the traits teens despise can help you do what?

  • reduce conflicts
  • mess with their heads
  • understand what treatment to seek

True or False: The best thing you, as a parent, can do is wait until your teenager grows up and matures.

  • TRUE

Drinking, drugs and what else is more pervasive than ever?

  • cow-tipping
  • billiards
  • gambling

True or False: The adolescent struggles of yesteryear are pretty much the same as today.

  • TRUE

This is one thing that both Aretha Franklin and your teenager want:

  • a packed audience
  • respect
  • voice lessons

True or False: It's fair to say that a teenager is like a wild horse that needs to be broken.

  • TRUE

What should you give a teenager so he can learn and make mistakes?

  • an old map
  • a night on the town
  • a little leeway

True or False: If you compare your teen to his siblings or his friends, you'll create a competitive atmosphere that will propel him to greatness.

  • TRUE

Teens hate tardiness, but what specific kind of tardiness?

  • showing up late to a basketball game
  • arriving late at school
  • showing up as a helpful parental figure only when they've come of age

True or False: If you're a tardy parent, you might as well continue to stay out of the picture.

  • TRUE

From time to time, it's good to highlight your teen's:

  • grades
  • strengths
  • ability to stay on the telephone for hours on end

Telling your teen that he's just a kid will make him feel like he's stuck in what?

  • a time warp of your own design
  • a crib
  • a nightmare

Mark Twain wrote that when he was 14 his father was what?

  • ignorant
  • overbearing
  • absent

How many years did it take for Mark Twain's father to wise-up?

  • 2
  • 7
  • 10

True or False: You can't really walk alongside your child during the teenage years.

  • TRUE

When you step into a teenager's world, it's not unlike stepping into:

  • a field of dreams
  • a minefield
  • a manhole

If you want to undermine and minimize your teenager, tell her she's got what?

  • to learn to shut her mouth
  • mononucleosis
  • it easy

True or False: If you understand the traits a teen despises, then you'll be able to eliminate conflicts.

  • TRUE

True or False: Always remember, your teenage struggles are a mirror image of what your kid is going through.

  • TRUE