The Ultimate Is it Safe for Parents to Travel without Their Kids Quiz
by Staff
We all love our children, and we cherish the time we spend with them. The reality, however, is that certain kinds of vacations are better suited to just you and your significant other. Is there a way to prepare your children for the vacation you want to take without them? Is it safe? Take this quiz and discover whether it's safe for parents to travel with out their kids.

Why do many couples prefer to travel without their kids?

  • Traveling with children is exhausting and expensive.
  • Traveling without your kids is safer.
  • Traveling with your kids is bad for tourism.

Parents will often describe a trip without the kids as which of these?

  • restorative
  • boring
  • dangerous

What is the main reason so many couples do not leave their kids at home?

  • cost of a babysitter
  • separation anxiety
  • fear and guilt

Which of these is the first step to preparing your kids for the idea that you're traveling without them?

  • communication
  • money
  • legal advice

Before you leave them to go on vacation, you should make sure your kids can do which of these things?

  • They should be able to cook their own meals.
  • They should know how to drive themselves to school.
  • They should be able to emotionally handle the time apart.

The most important phone number you can teach your kids is which of these?

  • your cell phone number
  • your lawyer's office number
  • 911

Which of these is a reason you might not want to take your kids on a business trip?

  • cost
  • distraction
  • legal concerns

If your children are young, it is wise to leave them with which of the following?

  • a family member or close friend
  • a total stranger
  • a child psychologist

If your teenager is resistant to the idea of a babysitter, you might try which of the following?

  • Ground them for a month.
  • Leave them at home, but have a neighbor check in on them.
  • Send them to boarding school.

Leaving a teenager at home while you are on vacation may have which of these benefits?

  • It gives them more time to do their homework.
  • It builds trust, and allows them to develop independence.
  • It gives them a chance to throw a really great party for their friends.

If leaving your kids at home is not an option, and you don't have anyone who can watch them, you might try which of these?

  • Cancel your vacation
  • Try a sleep-away camp.
  • Take them with you.

Before leaving for vacation you should make sure your home is well stocked with which of these?

  • food
  • candy
  • emergency and first-aid supplies

Besides your information and itinerary, you should make sure your caregiver has which of these?

  • his or her own car
  • spending money
  • a caregiver's license

How often should you check in with your kids while are on vacation?

  • once every four hours
  • once a day
  • once

For your children's safety it is very important that your caregiver knows about which of these?

  • medical concerns
  • your child's age
  • your state's custody laws

What is the best way to ensure that your caregiver knows all of your children's specific needs?

  • You should prepare a concise list of concerns, and make sure the caregiver has read them.
  • You should only hire a caregiver who knows your children personally.
  • You should make sure your mother-in-law calls regularly to remind the caregiver of all the children's needs.

Before leaving your child at home, check whether your state has laws regarding which of these?

  • The state may have laws that specify how often a parent may leave a child and go on vacation.
  • The state may have laws that specify how old a child must be before the parents may leave him or her alone.
  • The state may have laws that specify the minimum amount one must pay an overnight caregiver.

It is important that which of these documents be updated before leaving your children for a vacation.

  • your will
  • their passports
  • a traveler's visa

Your will should specifically cover which of these details?

  • It should provide clear instructions regarding religious upbringing.
  • It should state who will take over as the children's guardian.
  • It should state where the children should go to school.

You should make sure to bring which of these home with you when you return?

  • candy
  • souvenirs
  • money