Travel the World: Patagonia
by Staff
Patagonia is a land of amazing contrast, from soaring summits to extreme lowlands and arid steppes to lush rain forests. How much do you know about this adventurer's paradise?

San Valentin Glacier?

  • the largest glacier in Patagonia
  • an important location for scientific study
  • a vanishing ski slope

Punta Tombo?

  • a wildlife reserve
  • a prehistoric gravesite
  • a soccer stadium

Neuquén Province?

  • a world-renowned, boron-rich South American outpost
  • an infertile wasteland
  • a popular prehistoric dinosaur hangout

Jamarillo Petrified Forests?

  • an ecological battleground
  • home to the largest petrified plants on the planet
  • a terrified troop of trees

Los Arrayánes National Park?

  • giant sloths
  • naked trees
  • deadly spiders

Laguna San Rafael National Park?

  • a daredevil vacation locale
  • an interesting tourist outpost
  • a traditional honeymoon destination

Tierra del Fuego?

  • an awesome archipelago
  • a lake of fire
  • a crazy caldera waiting to blow

Cueva de las Manos?

  • a hand-carved figurine
  • a difficult-to-explain bone yard
  • a cave with hand-tastic murals

Laguna del Carbon?

  • a living swamp
  • a low point of land
  • a steamy lagoon

Cerro Catedral?

  • a famous monastery
  • a dried-up ocean bed
  • a popular ski center