The Ultimate Patio Decorating Quiz
by Staff
Your friends just purchased a new home and remember that you sometimes boasted about your extensive knowledge about decorating patios. They have already seen your patio and they want your help decorating theirs. Check your knowledge by taking this quiz before heading out for your first visit.

What is the basic rule of thumb for selecting a color for patio furniture?

  • Stick with neutral colors.
  • Go for natural or stained wood.
  • There are no rules; anything goes.

What was the retail price of the original Adirondack chair?

  • $20
  • $10
  • $4

Which piece of living room furniture had its humble start as porch chair?

  • La-Z-Boy
  • love seat
  • beanbag chair

What is the most important consideration to keep in mind when selecting patio furniture?

  • Avoid items that contain foam fill.
  • Select all-weather furniture.
  • Avoid very dark colors that become hot in the sun.

What should you consider if your patio is visible to traffic or in the front of your home?

  • Keep furnishings to a minimum.
  • Engage a neighbor to help with your selections.
  • Try to match the surrounding architecture.

What is considered a favorite design trend for furnishing a modern patio?

  • an outdoor kitchen
  • a wet bar

Besides enjoying the great outdoors, what is one benefit of an outdoor kitchen?

  • Food cooks somewhat faster in the great outdoors.
  • You can save on air conditioning costs.
  • You are less likely to burn your food.

What is the main disadvantage of having an outdoor kitchen?

  • Outside appliances are attractive to thieves.
  • Storing food outside can cause problems with pests.
  • A complete outside kitchen can be extremely expensive.

What is essential for your patio besides furniture?

  • electrical outlets
  • wrought iron railings
  • water faucet

What is a good option for lighting walkways and shrubbery around your patio?

  • floodlights
  • torches
  • solar lights

What is considered a great patio lighting option that most people can install by themselves?

  • low-voltage lighting
  • multi-color floodlights
  • infrared light-emitting diodes

What should you be careful about when installing outdoor lighting?

  • Each light should have its own switch for maximum flexibility.
  • Make sure that your patio is brightly illuminated and there are no dark corners.
  • Make sure that your lights do not shine directly into windows.

What lighting option should you consider for greater security and safety?

  • floodlighting on each corner
  • sodium vapor streetlamps
  • automatic lighting

Pools, hot tubs and stairs are places for:

  • mood lighting
  • waterproof lighting
  • bright lighting

What is one good alternative to a wooden lattice to add privacy to your deck or patio?

  • venetian blinds
  • vinyl lattice
  • glass blocks

What is one of the most flexible options to add privacy to your patio?

  • vertical blinds
  • venetian blinds
  • bamboo curtains

One good way to create a relaxing focal point around your patio is to:

  • add a fountain
  • add a glass garden orb
  • add a garden gnome

What is one great way to bring that camping-out feeling to your patio?

  • Add an air mattress to your furniture.
  • Add a picnic table in one corner.
  • Add a fire pit close to your patio.

What is your best friend when dealing with outdoor spaces?

  • consistency
  • repetition
  • texture

What is the main advantage of solar lighting versus other more traditional options?

  • compact size
  • no wires
  • less expensive