The Ultimate Patio Ideas Quiz
by Staff
You've finished building your dream home and are ready to start on your outdoor design. Should you choose flagstone or slate, a waterfall or a fountain? With so many choices, you probably should do a bit of homework. Why not start with our patio ideas quiz to get some great suggestions?

Which of the following factors are important to consider when designing a patio?

  • privacy
  • sun exposure
  • both of the above

Concrete is a very versatile building material. Which new concrete flooring technique can be used to create a stone-like patio floor?

  • textured concrete
  • smooth concrete
  • imprinted concrete

Which type of floor surface is best for pool surrounds?

  • smooth
  • dense
  • textured

Which type of flooring for your patio has properties similar to brick and tile?

  • flagstone
  • concrete pavers
  • slate

A major focal point of a backyard design might be:

  • a rose bush
  • a pool
  • a maple tree

A pool should be located where it can get lots of:

  • sun
  • shade
  • wind

An outdoor spa should be located:

  • far from the house
  • near the house
  • near the water faucet

Which of the following water elements can be added to your outdoor patio design?

  • a pond
  • a waterfall
  • both of the above

What is the difference between a backyard fountain and a waterfall?

  • Water in a fountain usually splashes more.
  • Water in a fountain is usually colder.
  • Water in a fountain is usually warmer.

Paving material for garden stairs should be:

  • the same as that of the patio
  • different from that of the patio
  • both of the above

Which type of brick is best for paving a patio?

  • paving brick
  • orange brick
  • white brick

Bricks as a paving material are:

  • easy to install
  • difficult to install
  • impossible to install

What is a big advantage of interlocking concrete pavers?

  • They are cheap.
  • They are strong.
  • They are square.

Terra cotta means baked earth in:

  • Russian
  • Italian
  • Japanese

Which type of terra cotta tile best resists water absorption?

  • glazed
  • unglazed
  • Mexican

Flagstone tiles are known for their neutral palette. They usually come in which colors?

  • black and red
  • brown and gray
  • green and blue

Every flagstone tile is_____ than the next one.

  • different
  • bigger
  • browner

Ceramic tiles for outdoor areas should have a_____surface.

  • smooth
  • matte
  • dark

Which of the following could be used as accent seating for your garden?

  • a plastic chair
  • a wooden bench
  • a cement slab

Which of the following are possible colors for bricks?

  • red
  • black
  • both of the above