Payload Quiz
by Staff
Understanding payload is important, especially if you do a lot of towing when you travel. How knowledgeable are you when it comes to understanding payload? Take this quiz and fine out!

What is payload?

  • the weight of any load carried by a vehicle
  • the weight of the passengers in the vehicle
  • none of the above

What can overloading a vehicle cause?

  • strain on the engine
  • strain on the transmission
  • all of the above

What do you need to know to calculate a vehicle's payload?

  • GVWR
  • curb weight
  • all of the above

What is GVWR?

  • the maximum allowable weight of a vehicle when it is packed up
  • the weight of a vehicle with no passenger or cargo
  • none of the above

What is curb weight?

  • the weight of the vehicle without any cargo or passengers
  • the weight of a fully loaded vehicle
  • none of the above

What is the formula for calculating payload?

  • GVWR - curb weight = payload
  • curb weight - GVWR = payload
  • curb weight x GVWR = payload

Which of the following has a heavier payload?

  • hybrid car
  • SUV
  • truck
  • motorcycle

How are truck classified in the United States?

  • by their payload
  • by their GVWR
  • by their curb weight
  • by their engine size

How many different classes of trucks are there in the United States?

  • 5
  • 8
  • 10

Which of the following count towards a vehicle's payload?

  • the weight of the passengers
  • the weight of the cargo
  • the weight of the floor mats
  • all of the above