Good Grief!: A 'Peanuts' Quiz
by Staff
From Linus' philosophical maxims to Lucy's bossy orders, "Peanuts" is an endearing story that has pervaded the homes and hearts of readers worldwide. See how much you know about the beloved comic strip, TV specials and movie.

When was the first "Peanuts" comic strip published?

  • 1950
  • 1952
  • 1949

What did Charles Schulz dislike about the comic?

  • It was colorized.
  • the name "Peanuts"
  • Snoopy wasn't able to talk.

This superstar singer was once the voice of Sally Brown.

  • Madonna
  • Fergie
  • Taylor Swift

Did Charlie Brown ever kick the football in the comic strip?

  • yes
  • no

How many newspapers has Peanuts appeared in?

  • 1,200
  • 2,600
  • 1,500

How many siblings does Snoopy have?

  • six
  • seven
  • nine

What is Charlie Brown's father's profession?

  • barber
  • salesman
  • accountant

Snoopy's noises and Woodstock's chirpings in "The Peanuts Movie" are recycled from original recordings of whose voice?

  • Jean Schulz
  • Bill Melendez
  • Charles Schulz

What computer animation company worked on "The Peanuts Movie"?

  • Blue Sky Studios
  • Pixar
  • DreamWorks

Who is Snoopy's World War I flying nemesis in "The Peanuts Movie" and in the "Peanuts" comic strip?

  • Flying Ace
  • Red Baron
  • Joe Cool

This "Peanuts" character first appeared in 1966 but was not named until four years later.

  • Woodstock
  • Marcie
  • Pigpen

Which characters are in the Beagle Scouts?

  • Snoopy, Woodstock and a slew of his bird friends
  • Snoopy and his siblings
  • Snoopy, Charlie Brown and Woodstock

Which of Snoopy's siblings has appeared most frequently in the comic strip and TV specials?

  • Andy
  • Marbles
  • Spike

What was the name of Snoopy, his parents and his siblings' home until they were sold to their owners?

  • Daisy Hill Puppy Farm
  • Beagle Bay House
  • Puppy Palace

What are some of Snoopy's favorite foods?

  • root beer and pizza
  • cotton candy and popcorn
  • toast and butter

Which character seems to be one of the smartest?

  • Peppermint Patty
  • Linus
  • Schroeder

Who plays right field on Charlie Brown's terrible baseball team?

  • Lucy
  • Linus
  • Sally

In "The Peanuts Movie," who said, "Chuck, are you trying to hold my hand, you sly dog?"

  • Marcie
  • the Little Red-Haired Girl
  • Peppermint Patty

How many Emmy nominations did "It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" receive after it aired in 1966?

  • three
  • two
  • zero

What awards has "A Charlie Brown Christmas" received since airing in 1965?

  • an Emmy and a Peabody
  • two Emmys
  • three Emmys

When was Franklin added to the "Peanuts" comic strip?

  • July 31, 1968
  • June 16, 1969
  • Jan. 1, 1971

What TV special shows Snoopy as the World War I Flying Ace for the first time outside the comic strip?

  • "A Charlie Brown Christmas"
  • "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown"
  • "I Want A Dog For Christmas, Charlie Brown"

Snoopy, the World Famous Author, starts every story with what sentence?

  • "It was a dark and stormy night."
  • "I'm a world famous author."
  • "Curse you Red Baron!"

Which of the following is one of Snoopy's alter egos?

  • World Famous Disco Dancer
  • World Famous Art Critic
  • NFL Quarterback

Aside from baseball, what is Schroeder's favorite sport?

  • ice hockey
  • football
  • tennis

What is Sally's nickname for Linus?

  • Baby Boy
  • Little Linus
  • Sweet Babboo

Which female character often speaks out for women’s rights?

  • Lucy
  • Marcie
  • Peppermint Patty

What took place in Charles Schulz's final original daily "Peanuts" comic strip?

  • Charlie Brown's family moving from the neighborhood
  • Snoopy sitting on his doghouse at his typewriter
  • the "Peanuts" gang graduating from high school

What is the name of the vicious cat who terrorizes Snoopy and Woodstock?

  • World War II
  • Kitten
  • Meow Mix

What is minor character 5's full name?

  • 555 95472
  • 5 Smithson
  • Peggy Jean