The Ultimate Perfect Your Décor Quiz
by Staff
You've started to think about the way you want to design your home interiors, but your ideas are still somewhat scattered. What types of furniture should you use? What colors should you paint the walls?

What should you make sure your room has in it if you are aiming for it to have a calming mood?

  • plenty of storage space
  • window drapes
  • a soft rug

What type of room calls for a large and brightly patterned couch?

  • a welcoming room that gets a lot of use from the whole family
  • a room that is more of a display room than a usable one
  • a bright and airy room

What are trademark features of a modern room design?

  • low furniture and contrasting colors
  • dull matte finish on floors with walls of a complementary color
  • walls with many pictures and soft mood lighting

What should you do if you want to design a room in a period style?

  • Make sure that everything in the room matches the era you have chosen.
  • Always use neutral colored walls.
  • Check that the period has not fallen out of vogue.

What would you be likely to find in a room decorated in the neoclassical style?

  • striped wallpaper
  • dark brown walls
  • a low, square couch

What should you do after you have decided on the tone or message of the room you want to design?

  • Do research at the library or a home design store.
  • Create a budget.
  • Make a wish list of items you want to put in the room.

What is the best way to find the perfect piece of furniture for your room?

  • Shop around.
  • Consult with a furniture salesman.
  • Do an online search.

When sketching a floor plan for your room, what should you begin with?

  • large pieces
  • lighting
  • the piece with the brightest color

What can you use as a dual-purpose piece of living room furniture?

  • a trunk
  • a table with a leaf
  • a retractable countertop

What color should you avoid using inside of a small bathroom?

  • orange
  • pink
  • off-white