The Ultimate Perk Up Your Outdoors Quiz
by Staff
Making your outdoor patio or backyard more appealing and welcoming does not need to be a time consuming or expensive task. Consider simple improvements to your outdoor setting, some of which can be fun do-it-yourself projects. Take this quiz and learn how outdoor lighting, a decorative floor mat, and a wind chime can enhance your outdoor decor.

What is the best form of outdoor lighting?

  • lighting that mimics natural sources of light
  • florescent lighting, because it does not heat up when on
  • flood lighting, because it brightens up an outdoor area

Which of the following light sources do landscapers recommend using in your backyard?

  • twinkling white lights
  • candles
  • both of the above

_________ are great permanent outdoor light fixtures.

  • Flood lamps
  • Solar-powered lights
  • Florescent light posts

What is a decorative floor mat?

  • an outdoor mat that looks like carpet
  • an outdoor rug that is resistant to the elements
  • a painted canvas floor cloth

A decorative floor mat can be used:

  • as a hammock
  • as a personalized welcome mat
  • both of the above

Which of following is a nice and enjoyable outdoor decoration that you can make at home?

  • wind chime
  • outdoor lighting fixtures
  • both of the above

What materials do you need to make your very own wind chime?

  • clay pots, wooden beads and plastic cord
  • acrylic paint, a paintbrush and a favorite postcard or picture
  • both of the above

How can making your own wind chime be a family activity?

  • Each family member can paint his or her own clay pot for the wind chime.
  • Each family member can participate in making the wind chime.
  • both of the above

Why might you need a postcard or favorite picture for making your wind chime?

  • to glue onto one of the clay pots
  • to finish the wind chime by including it at the base of the cord
  • both of the above

Why do landscape designers recommend using outdoor lighting that mimics natural light?

  • It's flattering.
  • It reduces eyestrain.
  • both of the above