The Ultimate Personal Property Tax Quiz
by Staff
Just when you thought there weren't any more taxes you could pay, here comes the personal property tax. Did you know that, depending in which state you live, you could be liable for taxes on your dog?

Personal property taxes are_____taxes.

  • local
  • state
  • either of the above

In the past, you may have paid personal property tax on:

  • your dog
  • your wife
  • your kids

Personal property taxes are usually assessed as a percentage of the _____ of an item.

  • value
  • cost
  • price

In some states, property tax only applies to:

  • farms
  • businesses
  • rich people

In a state with personal property taxes, farmers might have to pay such a tax on:

  • their livestock
  • their barn
  • their house

The amount of personal property tax an individual or business owes is determined by the:

  • tax department
  • tax law
  • tax assessor

Which book does the tax assessor use to put a value on vehicles?

  • the blue book
  • the green book
  • the black book

A mobile home may be taxed as:

  • real estate
  • personal property
  • both of the above

Some states tax _____ assets, which are goods and items you can't actually own or touch.

  • tangible
  • intangible
  • imaginary

Real estate property taxes are usually based on a percentage of the_____ of your property.

  • market value
  • market share
  • market price