The Ultimate Personalizing Your Décor Quiz
by Staff
Make your home decor unique by creating one-of-a-kind pieces of decorative art. Consider making a shadowbox or a scrapbook of your child's art to make your home distinctive and personalized. Take this quiz and find out how you can easily and creatively transform your home into a personalized living space.

How can you display all your family photos in a unique way?

  • digital picture frame
  • photo collage
  • both of the above

You can use a(n) _______________ as a different way to encase multiple pictures.

  • coffee table with a glass top
  • old window
  • both of the above

How do you incorporate your family's favorite activities into your home decor?

  • Create a shadowbox of your child's awards and medals.
  • Design a room of the house based on a favored family activity.
  • both of the above

How can you use your plants in a unique decorative way?

  • adorn the plant pots with family mementos
  • make a collage out of the dead plant leaves
  • both of the above

What other areas of the house, besides your fridge, can you use to display your child's artwork?

  • a sliding glass door
  • the front door
  • both of the above

What can you do to personalize your home decor and accentuate your craftiness?

  • make personalized pillowcases
  • create a mosaic shadowbox
  • both of the above

What is a distinctive way to show your guests your child's artwork without displaying it on the fridge or wall?

  • in a scrapbook
  • in a photo album
  • both of the above

How can you incorporate your love of sayings or quotes into your home decor?

  • Feature sayings or quotes on your walls.
  • Keep a comprehensive library in your house.
  • Both are correct.

How do you transform your “house” into a “home”?

  • Decorate your home based on your family's favorite activities.
  • Showcase your family's keepsakes and mementos.
  • Both of the above are correct.

Personalizing your décor:

  • is an expensive and time consuming endeavor
  • can be a budget friendly family activity
  • both of the above