The Ultimate Pet Meds for Traveling Quiz
by Staff
If you are about to travel, you have probably gathered together a collection of various travel medications. Take this quiz to learn more about travel medication for your pets.

What problems are travel medications for pets commonly used for?

  • heart conditions
  • vomiting
  • bowel control

How can you help your pet to adapt to travel conditions?

  • Blindfold them while you travel.
  • Take them on short car trips.
  • Take them for less walks before a trip.

What do you need to do before traveling, bearing in mind that medications have side effects?

  • Try the medication on your pet before traveling.
  • Buy extra medication than will be necessary.
  • Cut the tablets in half to allow for smaller doses.

What is the rule for dog bladder control?

  • One month equals one minute.
  • One month equals one hour.
  • One month equals one day.

At which age do dogs have the best bladder control?

  • as puppies
  • at a few years old
  • as older dogs

How much money is spent each year on pet products?

  • $29 billion
  • $39 billion
  • $49 billion

How are medications made more enticing for pets?

  • They are flavored.
  • They are colorful.
  • They are chewy.

What should you bring along for your pet to help with bladder accidents?

  • diapers
  • a pot plant
  • both of the above

How can you lessen the chance that your pet will have an accident in the car?

  • Give them salty foods before a trip.
  • Reward them for holding in their urine for long periods.
  • Limit their water intake before traveling.

How can you prevent your cat from having an accident in the car?

  • Bring a portable litter box.
  • Take regular bathroom breaks.
  • Train your cat to hold urine for long periods.

What problem might you have with a portable litter box for your cat?

  • The box may get smelly.
  • The box may spill in the car.
  • The cat may not want to use an unfamiliar litter box.

If a cat urinates on a hotel floor it is probably out of:

  • spite
  • stress
  • anger

What is an alternative remedy used to relax cats?

  • lavender oil
  • acupuncture
  • smelling salts

What part of an animal's body affects motion sickness?

  • the inner ear
  • the optical nerve
  • the sinuses

In what year was the first anti-nausea medication for dogs approved?

  • 1987
  • 1997
  • 2007

How can Cerenia be administered?

  • orally
  • topically
  • intravenously

What signs might your pet show if it is feeling nauseated?

  • drooling
  • diarrhea
  • both of the above

What may happen to an animal that has been vomiting for a long time?

  • It may get diarrhea.
  • It may suffer from electrolyte poisoning.
  • It may become dehydrated.

How do sedatives work?

  • They slow the heart rate.
  • They put the brain to sleep.
  • They relax the muscles.

What is the problem with sedating a pet while traveling?

  • Respiration rate can drop.
  • Heart rate can increase.
  • Urine will be increased.