The Ultimate Pet Psychics Quiz
by Staff
Can pet psychics really communicate with animals or is it all a hoax? Even if they believe that animals experience emotions, scientists are certainly skeptical of claims of paranormal communication with your pet. Learn all about the methods and theories of pet psychics by taking our quiz.

Pet psychics are also known as:

  • animal intuitives
  • animal communicators
  • both of the above

Pet psychics refer to pet owners as:

  • human pals
  • human companions
  • dog's best friend

Which of the following is a reason pet owners employ the services of a pet psychic?

  • They want to contact the pet's departed spirit.
  • They want to contact the pet's mother.
  • They want to find out what the dog likes to eat.

Animal communication through pet psychics is a _____ phenomenon

  • paranormal
  • abnormal
  • semi-normal

Who is the host of Animal Planet's "The Pet Psychic"?

  • Sonya Fitzpatrick
  • J. Allen Boone
  • Jaak Panskipp

Most pet psychics claim to have learned how to talk to animals by:

  • watching TV
  • instinct
  • surfing the Web

Who is the author of "Kinship with All Life," a book that describes the methods for communicating with animals?

  • Daniel Boone
  • Pat Boone
  • J. Allen Boone

How does a pet psychic ask an animal a question?

  • The pet psychic communicates with words.
  • The pet psychic communicates with pictures.
  • both of the above

Pet psychics like Sonya Fitzpatrick think that animals experience _____ much like humans do.

  • emotions
  • fun
  • impatience

Why is it so difficult to study the emotions of animals?

  • They can't talk.
  • They are very complicated.
  • They are very high-strung.

Recent research suggests that animals do experience emotions like joy, anger and grief. Which researcher claims that a part of the brain produces emotions in all mammals?

  • Jaak Panskipp
  • Jack Black
  • Jack Benny

Which of the following are basic emotions that may affect all mammals?

  • fear
  • rage
  • both of the above

In which part of the brain is the periaqueductal gray (PAG) located?

  • in the midbrain
  • in the hypothalamus
  • in the brain stem

The idea that animals experience emotions similar to humans seems to be gaining acceptance. Can animals also think about their feelings?

  • no
  • yes
  • probably not

Who is the author of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Pet Psychic Communication"?

  • Debbie McGillivray
  • Debbie Reynolds
  • Debbie Harry

How much did pet owners in the United States spend on their pets in 2005?

  • $26.3 billion
  • $36.3 billion
  • $46.3 billion

Which of the following is a reason for the increased spending on pets in the United States?

  • More people have a high disposable income.
  • More people like dogs.
  • More people like cats.

Cold reading is a method for extracting personal information. Skeptics believe all _____ are cold readers and do not have paranormal abilities.

  • psychics
  • magicians
  • entertainers

What methods do cold readers employ to extract information?

  • They state the obvious.
  • They use vague language.
  • both of the above

Animal consciousness is the potential for higher reasoning and self-awareness. Which of the following may be a sign of animal consciousness?

  • recognizing oneself in a mirror
  • remembering where your food bowl is located
  • recognizing danger