The Ultimate Pike Fishing Quiz
by Staff
Pike are big aggressive fish found all around the world. After you take this quiz you'll have a better idea how to catch them.

What are holarctic fish?

  • They belong to the holarc sub-species.
  • They are found in the northern freshwaters.
  • They are fish that can be found in the arctic and Antarctic regions oceans.

If an angler tells you he has caught a northern, what does he refer to?

  • He has identified a north moving school of fish.
  • He has caught fish coming from the north.
  • He has landed a northern pike.

What size can pike commonly reach in larger lakes and rivers?

  • 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms)
  • 14 pounds (6.4 kilograms)
  • 18 pounds (8.2 kilograms)

What are the eating habits of pike in spring?

  • They only eat smaller fish.
  • They eat anything.
  • They don't eat much except for easy prey.

Is there any drawback to using live bait?

  • It can be very odious.
  • It is regarded as the amateur's way of fishing.
  • It's sometimes illegal.

How do you determine the size of bait to use?

  • Depends on the size of your prey.
  • Bigger bait is always better.
  • Smaller bait seems less suspicious to the pike.

Why do some anglers use two hooks in a single bait?

  • They are trying to catch two fish with one bait.
  • Pike try to snatch the bait from the end and not the middle.
  • Pike spit out the prey and later swallow it head first.

How do you ensure hooking a pike?

  • Pull immediately you feel something on the line.
  • Use live bait with two hooks.
  • Wait for the second pull on the line.

Is live bait the only way to catch big pike?

  • Pike are only interested in what appears to be alive.
  • Pike go for anything living or dead.
  • For big pike you need at least a small perch.

What can you do if live bait makes you squeamish?

  • Don't go fishing.
  • Try fly fishing.
  • Use artificial bait.

Where will you find the pike?

  • deep cool waters
  • calm vegetated waters
  • shallow waters

What is one of the most effective lures for pike fishing?

  • spoon lure
  • poppers
  • spinners

How does it work?

  • The metallic color attracts the pike.
  • It wobbles in the water.
  • The shape of the lure appears to the pike to be a fish head.

When should you cast your lure?

  • only when you see the pike
  • in the target area
  • before the target area

In the summer where will you usually find the pike?

  • deep cool water
  • shallow warm water
  • shallow cool water

Why should you vary the speed that you troll?

  • makes the lure more stable
  • makes it wobble more
  • prevents catching it on vegetation

Which is the more difficult technique of fishing?

  • live bait
  • spoon fishing
  • fly fishing

What is the secret of successful fly fishing?

  • casting
  • flies used
  • type of lure

What type of water is fly fishing designed for?

  • deeper water
  • shallow water
  • fast flowing rivers

How does the fly attract the pike?

  • Pike are less suspicious of something jumping in and out of the water.
  • Flies are regarded as a delicacy by the pike.
  • The rapid motion and colors provoke an aggressive response and desire to strike.