The Ultimate Pike Spawning Quiz
by Staff
If you want to improve your chances of a good pike catch, concentrate your efforts on the spawning season. To learn more about the spawning habits of pike, take this quiz.

When is the best time for pike fishing?

  • before spawning season when the pike seek mates
  • during spawning season
  • while females care for their young

Where do pike spawn?

  • any warm safe area
  • cool deep waters
  • in their usual spawning waters

Do the females attract the males to mate with them?

  • they don't mate
  • they release a few eggs to tempt the male
  • they swim in an enticing manner

When do the females release their eggs?

  • while rubbing heads together with the males
  • friction from rubbing abdomens with the males causes release of the eggs
  • after their abdomens are nudged by the males' tails

How are the eggs inseminated?

  • Male releases seminal fluid by brushing against the eggs.
  • Seminal fluid is released around the female.
  • Male transfers seminal fluid when he rubs against the female.

How many eggs can be released by the female?

  • 1,000
  • 8,000
  • 25,000

Why is spawning season good for fishing?

  • concentrations of spawners
  • pike looking to spawn are hungry and looking for food
  • in spawning season the pike swim slower and are less alert

What is the purpose of milt?

  • fluid released by female to attract males
  • sustenance for young pike in the first few days after hatching
  • seminal fluid

How do the eggs hatch?

  • settle on ocean floor
  • attach to vegetation
  • continue to float until they hatch

What affects the time taken for hatching?

  • water temperature
  • water pressure
  • density of the vegetation

For how long do the females care for their young?

  • until the eggs hatch
  • until the young can swim and eat on their own
  • they don't

What do the females do after spawning?

  • eat anything they can swallow
  • eat sparingly and mainly small plants
  • become hyperactive and move away from the area as rapidly as possible

What do both male and female pike do before spawning?

  • eat sparingly so they will be more attractive
  • eat as much as they can
  • eat more protein or small marine animals

Is there a problem fishing during the pre-spawning season?

  • difficult to catch the fish since they are too busy eating
  • the pike are so quick they take the bait without getting hooked
  • it's illegal in certain states

Which females release more eggs?

  • bigger females
  • more sexually mature females
  • completely individual and not dependant on age or size

How do the newly hatched pike attach themselves to vegetation during growing and while resting?

  • hold on by their mouths
  • by their tails
  • a sticky patch on their heads

When does spawning season begin?

  • in the spring
  • once water reaches 40 degrees F.
  • depends on availability of food in the pre-spawning period

Who spends the longer period in the spawning area?

  • males
  • females
  • both stay for the same time

Where do you find the largest pike?

  • lakes
  • oceans
  • rivers

What is the best bait to use during pre-spawning?

  • live bait
  • artificial bait
  • any bait