The Ultimate Piranhas Eating Cows Quiz
by Staff
Piranhas have the image of vicious man-eating monsters. In reality, they prefer other fish over mammals and are mostly eight inches long. Take this quiz to learn about the circumstances when a school of piranha would eat a cow.

What ferocious fish did Theodore Roosevelt take an interest in?

  • piranha
  • shark
  • whale

In the 1978 movie "Piranha", why are the piranhas released into a resort's river?

  • on purpose
  • by accident
  • neither answer

How big is a piranha?

  • maximum size is two feet
  • most are about eight inches
  • both answers

What fish is the most vicious of the piranha species?

  • Serrasalmus rhombeus
  • Pigocentrus naterreri
  • Pristobrycon striolatus

How would you describe the teeth of a piranha?

  • razors
  • brushes
  • sandpaper

The piranha jaw is designed for:

  • chomping
  • biting
  • nibbling

How are a piranha's teeth spaced?

  • overlapping pattern
  • interlocking pattern
  • tight vertical pattern

Piranha do not ______ their prey.

  • chew
  • chomp
  • devour

What happens after piranha chomp down on a big bite of flesh?

  • no chewing
  • flesh goes to stomach
  • both answers

What causes the boiling-water effect in piranha infested water, often shown in movies featuring piranhas?

  • change positions very fast
  • movement of the prey
  • neither answer

Piranhas are the prey of what animals?

  • herons
  • caimans
  • both answers

What is the mainstay of piranhas' diet?

  • dead animals
  • live animals
  • fruit

Why can't you buy a piranha?

  • no availability
  • endangered species
  • illegal to import

What animal do piranhas primarily eat?

  • fish
  • fruit
  • mammals

Where do piranhas prefer to breed?

  • slowest-moving water
  • fast-moving water
  • rapids

Why may piranhas be found in unlikely places?

  • pet piranhas have been dumped
  • purposeful destruction of waterways
  • neither answer

What may happen when piranhas are dumped in waterways outside of their natural habitat?

  • threaten the ecological balance
  • increase the fish population
  • increase tourism

What is the size of a typical school of piranha?

  • 10
  • 20
  • 30

When Roosevelt visited the Brazilian Amazon, what did he see that left him feeling disturbed?

  • strip a human
  • strip a cow
  • strip a monkey

How long are the razor sharp teeth of piranhas?

  • one-quarter inch
  • one-half inch
  • one inch