The Ultimate Best Places for Outdoorsy Types to Live Quiz
by Staff
If you love the feel of a fresh breeze on your face, the sun on your back and the thrill of exhilarating views or adventure sports, you might consider yourself an outdoorsy type of person. There are many different places you might consider to be paradise, ranging from cities with nearby rivers and mountains to small, isolated towns where you can ski and hike. Take this quiz to learn more about the best places to live for those who love the outdoors.

What sort of activities is the town of Ely, Minnesota, good for?

  • snow
  • water
  • rock-climbing

How many lakes, rivers and streams are there in Ely?

  • 3000
  • 4000
  • 5000

Why has southern Bohemia, in the Czech Republic, been left untouched by urban expansion?

  • It was closed off by the Iron Curtain.
  • It has been preserved by the Czech government.
  • It is an isolated area that is difficult to build in.

Hiking is a popular activity for Czechs. How many miles of trails can you find in the Czech Republic?

  • 14000
  • 24000
  • 42000

What sort of climate will you find in Washington, D.C., in the summer?

  • humid and cool
  • humid and hot
  • dry and hot

Which river in Washington, D.C., is a good place for many water activities?

  • Anacostia River
  • Hutchinson River
  • Potomac River

What records does the town of North Conway, Hew Hampshire, boast?

  • the highest peak in north-east America
  • the highest gust of wind ever recorded
  • both of the above

Tuckerman Ravine in North Conway is a popular hiking spot and a hotspot for skiing in the winter. What angle ski slopes can you find there?

  • 25 degree
  • 35 degree
  • 45 degree

Durango, Colorado, is home to which famous mountain range?

  • the Appalachian Mountains
  • the Cascades
  • the Rockies

What is the name of the trail that runs from Denver to Durango?

  • the Denver Trail
  • the Colorado Trail
  • the Animas Trail

How hot does it get on a summer's day in Boone, North Carolina?

  • 80 degrees F
  • 90 degrees F
  • 100 degrees F

Besides for the scenery, what other experience does the city of Boone provide?

  • a windy experience
  • an educational experience
  • a beach experience

In which European country is Costa Brava found?

  • Spain
  • Greece
  • Portugal

Costa Brava overlooks which sea?

  • the Celtic Sea
  • the Black Sea
  • the Mediterranean Sea

What type of sport is Bend, Oregon, popular for?

  • water sports
  • mountain sports
  • winter sports

How many days of sunshine does Bend average each year?

  • 200
  • 250
  • 300

Las Vegas, Nevada is famous for the __ sandstone at Red Rock Canyon National Park.

  • red
  • pink
  • brown

On which river near Las Vegas can you go rafting?

  • Mississippi River
  • San Juan River
  • Colorado River

Water bodies including Beaver Pond, Haskell Pond, Highland Lake and Presumpscot River Reservoir are all how far from the town of Portland, Maine?

  • 10 minute walk
  • 10 minute drive
  • 30 minute drive

You can find some large ski slopes at __ near Portland.

  • Lost Valley
  • Momentum
  • Haute Tension